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4 Tips When Applying for SSD Benefits

Four Tips When Applying for Social Security/Disability Benefits

Although Social Security Disability benefits are helpful to thousands of Americans whose disability prevents them from working, there are numerous pitfalls that prevent many from receiving the benefits they deserve. Because the Social Security Administration is so large, they receive thousands of applications each month and many applicants fall through the cracks. Consider the following five tips when applying for Social Security Benefits to help your chances of success:

Communicate regularly with the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration must be able to communicate with you about various aspects of your application. Medical providers, representatives, and attorneys are all important parts of the application process that provide essential application information for the administration. Make sure the Social Security Administration has a current mailing address, email address, phone number, and contact information for any of your representatives.

Follow any Prescribed Therapy Recommended by your Doctor

If you were injured or are otherwise disabled, it is important to seek appropriate treatment and to follow the recommendations of medical professionals. Seeking treatment is a demonstration that you intend to return to work and are trying to improve your health. Once you have received treatment and advice, it is essential to work hard at your treatment and demonstrate your efforts to improve. If you have not followed the treatment advice of your medical team, the Social Security Administration is less likely to approve your application.

However, there are several acceptable reasons not to follow a treatment plan, including a mental illness that disallows you from complying with therapy, are unable to afford treatment, or you receive contradicting prescriptions of care.

Don’t Apply for Disability Based on Drugs or Alcoholism

The Social Security Administration will not provide benefits to anyone who needs disability benefits due to their drug addiction or alcoholism. To determine if this will be a serious problem for your application, it is important to consider if your disability would continue should your addiction or alcoholism stop.

Don’t Apply for Disability Related to a Crime Conviction

If the conditions of your criminal behavior caused your disability, you are not eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. This includes injury while committing a felony, injury while in prison for a crime, and receiving benefits while incarcerated for a crime.



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