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Baby Recliners Being Recalled by CPSC

After Retailer Recall in January, Baby Recliners Recalled by Government

Baby recliners
Late last year, four major retailers issued a voluntary recall for the Nap Nanny and Chill baby recliners.

Now, federal regulators, and the former maker of Nap Nannies, have issued a recall for the baby recliners due to serious safety concerns and infant deaths.

The recall is reportedly part of a settlement reached last year with Baby Matters, the baby recliners’ distributor.

“CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop use of all Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill recliners,” the filing urges customers.

The baby recliners have reportedly injured at least 92 children when they fell out of the recliners. Some of the injured children were, according to investigations, buckled into the baby recliner properly, so the fault lay with the harness.

The filing shows that four infants died in the Nap Nanny Generation Two recliners, and a fifth died in the Chill model. Approximately 165,000 of the baby recliners were sold between 2009 and 2013. However, the manufacturer is now out of business, so the CPSC urges owners of the baby recliners to return them to retailers for a refund.

Settlement of Administrative Case Leads to Recall of Baby Recliners

The baby recliners recall is part of a settlement of an administrative case brought against Baby Matters, the manufacturer and distributor of the defective baby recliners. The case sought a mandatory recall after the company refused a voluntary recall in response to consumer complaints.

“I am happy to put this issue behind me,” Baby Matters founder Leslie Gudel said in a statement. “It is very disappointing that we had to stop short in our fight. But it was time to move on.”

“Parents should avoid using this or similar products that aren’t tested to federal standards,” says Nancy Cowles of the advocacy group Kids In Danger, who is also on the standard setting committee for infant recliners. “The safest place for a baby to sleep is a crib, bassinet or play yard that meets current safety rules.”

However, Gudel says that the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association refused to work on a set of guidelines or rules while she developed the baby recliners, so she had no safety standards to work with.

CPSC’s staff said that the baby recliners pose a serious hazard to infant safety, because the straps have a design defect, and there are inadequate instructions and warnings. Gudel denies these allegations, even after the settlement.

“We vigorously defended the case and while we and our lawyers were confident we would ultimately prevail given the perfect safety record of the Chill when used as intended, the case was becoming expensive and exhausting,” said Gudel. “For these reasons we were content to let the CPSC dismiss the case with our never having conceded the baseless allegations behind it.”

The company later went out of business, and the CPSC sued the founder.

In December, Amazon, BabysRUs, BuyBuyBaby, and all issued voluntary recalls for the Nap Nanny and Chill model baby recliners, offering full refunds to customers. Regarding the recall, Gudel told ABC news in an email, “Baby Matters is disappointed to hear that four retailers have chosen to voluntarily recall the Nap Nanny.  As I’ve said before, the loss of an infant is an unthinkable tragedy, and I am truly heartbroken for the families who have lost a child.  But when the Nap Nanny has been used properly, no infant has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention.”

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with Cases Involving Defective Baby Recliners

Defective products make it to the market for a variety of reasons, and it is important that consumers are aware that they have recourse against manufacturers. Often, these defective products are inadequately tested, or are misrepresented by marketers. Defective products can have manufacturing or design flaws or defects, and if they are improperly tested then these problems will go unnoticed until consumers begin to complain.

If you or a loved one purchased a Nap Nanny or Chill baby recliner, it is important that you take advantage of this recall. If your child has suffered personal injury or wrongful death due to one of the baby recliners, the Strom Law Firm can help. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding personal injury cases. 803.252.4800



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