Biggest Medical Malpractice Cases

We trust medical professionals to guide, heal, or save us–but some of them fail to deliver the expected standard of care, resulting in irreversible medical mistakes. For those lucky enough to live through cases of medical malpractice, they may end up with lost wages and a lower quality of life. 

These repercussions dictate the compensation after settlement–some of the biggest medical malpractice cases can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, such as the famous $216 million medical malpractice suit in Florida or the $190 million medical malpractice suit by Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The Average Payout for Medical Malpractice Cases

You’ve probably seen news of medical malpractice cases settling at millions of dollars. Some famous cases of medical malpractice include the suit against pop star Michael Jackson’s in-house physician Dr. Conrad Murray, and singer-actress Julie Andrews’ case against New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital for her botched throat operation. 

But how much is the average medical malpractice settlement? Medical malpractice cases usually award damages close to $400,000 on average, but minor cases can go as low as $10,000, while permanent injury cases can settle at over $1,000,000.

The Biggest Medical Malpractice Cases in the United States

A handful of cases in the United States have awarded plaintiffs damages in multi-million amounts. Here are some of the biggest ones:

$110 Million Against St. Barnabas Hospital

When St. Barnabas Hospital admitted Keimoneia Reddish for an asthma attack, her condition only worsened, as staff neglected to transport her to a nearby facility with the proper equipment to handle CO2 build-up in her brain. She suffered permanent damage, spending almost a year in the hospital and nursing homes after the incident, and becoming wheelchair-bound. The Bronx Supreme Court awarded her $110 million.

$135 Million Malpractice Claim Against the Detroit Medical Center

Faith DeGrand was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Detroit Medical Center in 2010 for scoliosis surgery. Her surgeon placed rods and screws in her spine to help straighten it, but they were inserted in a way that compressed her spinal cord, causing numbness in her limbs. By the time her doctor removed the hardware ten days later, it was too late to reverse the damage–DeGrand became a quadriplegic with permanent loss of bladder and bowel control. She was awarded $135 million in damages.

$172 Million Judgment Against New York City

In 1998, Tiffany Applewhite went into anaphylactic shock after being injected with steroids for an eye condition. EMTs from the New York City Fire Department arrived, but without the necessary equipment to treat her. Her mother wanted to take Applewhite to a nearby hospital, but the EMTs advised her to wait for another ambulance with the right equipment to arrive—which took another twenty minutes. Due to waiting, Applewhite retained severe brain damage and paralysis. A Bronx jury determined the paramedics were liable and awarded Applewhite $172 million for damages.

$190 Million Medical Malpractice Suit by Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital paid $190 million to 8,000 plaintiffs on behalf of Dr. Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who secretly recorded women during their pelvic examinations, totaling more than 1,200 videos and images. The plaintiffs named in the suit were mailed checks ranging from $1,800 to $28,000.

$216 Million Medical Malpractice Suit in Florida

Allan Navarro was awarded $216.7 million for his claim against Tampa University Community Hospital. In 2000, Navarro went to the emergency room for symptoms of a stroke, but was misdiagnosed with sinusitis instead. The following day, Navarro’s symptoms worsened; he had to undergo surgery and was comatose for nearly three months. As a result, Navarro has limited cognitive abilities and is constantly at risk of suffocation whenever he eats. 

What Do I Do if I Have a Medical Malpractice Claim?

If a medical malpractice injury has affected you or a loved one, you must first seek help from a trusted medical malpractice lawyer. Strom Law has a team of experienced and professional medical malpractice attorneys who can help you–schedule a free, confidential, and no-obligation consultation with the law firm today.



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