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Brunswick Pain Clinic Staff Indicted

Brunswick Pain Clinic

Five members of a Brunswick, GA pain clinic staff were indicted for drug conspiracy. The Florida Times-Union reported that until August a federal grand jury had sealed the indictment, which included the names of those charged.

Those facing charges stemming from the Brunswick pain clinic raid include:

  • Ronald R. Colandrea Jr.: principal owner of Wellness Center of Brunswick
  • Natalie A. Anderson: site manager
  • Cleveland J. Enmon: prescribing physician
  • Dennis S. Momah: prescribing physician
  • Bruce I. Tetalman: prescribing physician

Drug Distribution Ring

According to the indictment, the group ran a drug conspiracy scheme from about December 2010 to July 14, 2011 and allegedly netted more than $1 million from the scheme. Glynn/Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team along with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration raided the Brunswick, GA pain clinic located at 106 Owens Lane.

The Brunswick pain clinic operated for only a short period before the DEA began their investigation into the clinic.

The indictment states the defendants conspired to “unlawfully enrich themselves” by distributing and dispensing oxycodone and hydrocodone, both powerful and addictive painkillers. The indictment also states the defendants prescribed the anti-anxiety drug alprazolam, more commonly known as Xanax.

The indictment alleges the defendants prescribed more than one million doses of oxycodone to patients who lived in and outside of Georgia. The indictment states 2,000 prescriptions went to patients living outside Georgia including:

  • 640 from South Carolina
  • 270 from Kentucky
  • 390 from North Carolina
  • 1,000 from Florida

The Brunswick pain clinic wrote prescriptions for 30 to 36 patients daily including one occasion in which Enmon allegedly wrote painkillers for 62 people. The “pill mill”, as stated in the indictment, operated as a cash only business charging customers $250 for the first visit and $200 to $300 for follow up visits. Out-of-state patients faced higher charges. The clinic also refused any type of insurance.

The Brunswick pain clinic allegedly lured new patients in by setting up a referral program in which patients who brought a new patient would receive all or a portion of the new patient’s prescribed medication after that patient paid for their required MRI and clinic fees.

Since the only treatment option offered by the doctors was painkillers, the physician would coach the patients on what to say to receive the drugs. The physicians at the Brunswick pain clinic also allegedly falsified urine tests in exchange for a fee, prescribed drugs to patients with no or only cursory examinations, and even prescribed drugs to patients using street names for the drugs like “roxy’s, blues”.

Money Laundering

Colandrea and Anderson also faced indictment on one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and 29 additional counts of money laundering from withdrawals they made from accounts at Brunswick banks. Colandrea and Anderson also received wire transfers from PH Staffing, the group located in Little Elm, Texas who paid the three doctors, and Brunswick Wellness.

One wire transfer was allegedly made to Colandrea for $75,000 and a cashier’s check was written for $109,880 to Gable Sports Cars.

The government wants the court to release $343,042 in profits made from the distribution of the drugs at the Brunswick pain clinic, and also a 2007 Porsche, a 2008 Mercedes Benz and a 2003 Saturn Vue.

If convicted for the drug charges, the five defendants could face up to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. Colandrea and Anderson could also face 20 years in prison and $500,000 for the conspiracy to commit money laundering charge and 10 years in prison and $250,000 for the money laundering counts.

South Carolina and Georgia Drug Crimes Lawyer

If you are facing federal drug charges as a health care provider, you may want to consider contacting the South Carolina or Georgia drug crimes lawyer at Strom Law Firm.  Strom Law Firm was involved in extensive litigation regarding the Myrtle Beach Pain Clinic known as Comprehensive Care Centers.  The physicians in that clinic were prosecuted as a pill mill.  Additionally, Strom Law Firm has experience representing physicians and health care providers since its founding in 1996.

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