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South Carolina Accident LawyerGood news  was announced Tuesday by the  City of Columbia and Richland County emergency personnel department for accident victims.

Many City of Columbia and Richland County firefighters are now trained and able to drive ambulances when necessary. In total 200 Columbia-Richland firefighters will be able to assist in transporting patients to hospitals. The official announcement came after years of talk between city and county officials. The City of Columbia and Richland County have long been trying to establish a growing partnership.

“It’s another service we’re able to provide. Because ultimately, that’s what our business is, is customer service,” states Kevin King, Interim Training Officer for the Medical Division of the Fire Department. King was one of the firefighters to undergo training to drive an ambulance. King is also a licensed EMT.

“It’s been a lengthy process, because not only is it new material that you’re learning on the treatment protocols of patients, you’re learning the protocols for EMS. Not only for driving, but where their equipment is, how their equipment operates,” King states.

The announcement is not only beneficial to emergency personnel, but it also benefits the public as a whole. By having more emergency personnel available, more lives may be saved as a result. “When protocol calls for two EMTs to be in the back with the patient, it used to be that we had to wait for another ambulance to get on site for somebody to drive that vehicle to the hospital. Now, when there’s a fire engine on the site, one of the folks in the fire engine unit will be able to get in and start getting that ambulance towards the hospital,” Jim Manning, Richland County Councilman, states.

This project has been a top priority for Manning and City of Columbia Fire Chief, Aubrey Jenkins. According to Chief Jenkins, currently, 22 firefighters are fully EMT certified and can assist to victims who may be in need of help. In addition, 170 firefighters have completed the training necessary to drive EMS units. Soon, it will become a requirement for firefighters working in Richland County to undergo the necessary training needed to drive an ambulance. The fire department is also hoping to have another 24 firefighters trained as EMTs by October.

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