Former FSU headliners sue NFL over concussions

Corey Fuller and Dexter Carter are among 19 plaintiffs in a new class-action suit brought against the NFL.  They join a long list of players who are suing the NFL for not disclosing the dangers of repeated concussions and not acting on that knowledge to help safeguard players’ health.  Like the other lawsuits, they will be combined into one federal class action against the NFL.

Fuller, a safety and corner back, played for the Vikings, Minnesota, Cleveland, and Baltimore during his career in the NFL.  He suffers memory loss and chronic headaches and has been told the symptoms could get worse over time.  Carter complains of the same symptoms.  Both believe that these problems are directly related to concussions sustained while playing football for the NFL.

How many concussions did they get?

shutterstock_540092803 Both admit that they have no idea how many concussions they received during their careers as the NFL didn’t document concussions very carefully.  And neither wanted to be pulled from games because they didn’t want to be called injury-prone or lose their contracts.

Fuller said, “It’s a gladiator sport. It’s pro football, and you didn’t want to be labeled as a player who was injury-prone. You can’t complain about being hurt if you want to make that kind of money.”

Carter, a running back for the 49ers and coach at FSU, hopes that the lawsuit will help players in the future and help him and other veterans get the treatment they need to take care of themselves.

NFL Concussion Lawyers

The NFL Concussion Lawyers at the Strom Law Firm are participating in the class action suit against the NFL and currently accepting cases involving NFL head injuries. Organizations must be held responsible for neglect or intent that causes personal injury, including traumatic brain injury and concussions. The attorneys at Strom Law can help. Call today for a free consultation. 803.252.4800



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