Halle Berry Suffers Concussion


According to TMZ, Halle Berry fell and hit her head on concrete while filming a fight sequence on the film The Hive and was taken to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in LA by ambulance on Tuesday night.

After she fell, at around 10 pm, she reportedly began throwing up — a major sign of concussion after a head injury.

She was released early this morning, reportedly healthy, and planning on immediately continuing the production. The incident was not deemed serious enough to report to OSHA.

Dangers of Concussions

Concussions, like the one Halle Berry, may have suffered, can be very dangerous.  Doctors recommend you not immediately return to activity, as getting a second concussion before the first has healed can cause major brain damage.

Although concussions are an injury that most people recover quickly from, they still require care and rest.  Some people recover fully in a few days, and some take much longer — and how quickly they heal depends on a number of factors.  The severity of the concussion, their age, their health in general, and how they take care of themselves after being injured.  Luckily, even if you can’t control the first three, you can control how well you take care of yourself post-injury.

Closed Head Injury Tips for Adults

  • Sleep full nightsConcussion
  • Rest throughout the day
  • Avoid physically demanding activities
  • Avoid mentally demanding activities that require concentration
  • Avoid sports and high-speed activities
  • Return to activities gradually
  • Make sure you’re OK to drive with a health care professional
  • Consider going back to work part-time or at the reduced workload
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Keep notes to help your memory
  • Ask family and friends to help you make important decisions
  • No multitasking, humans aren’t good at it, to begin with
  • Eat well, make sure you’re eating enough despite any nausea
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid computers and video games

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

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Halle Berry Suffers Concussion



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