How Often Do Defense Attorneys Win?

While every attorney will have a win-loss record, this is not necessarily a great metric by which to judge a lawyer. Winning cases is just one part of an attorney’s job; the key is to understand what makes a good lawyer. Criminal defense lawyers in Columbia, South Carolina strive to do what’s in the best interest of their clients, not what’s best for their personal win-loss record.

Some Cases Cannot Be Won

Often, in a criminal case, the police and prosecution may have rock-solid evidence that a person has committed a crime. In other instances, during an interrogation, a suspect confesses because they feel they had no choice.

In circumstances like this, one may wonder, “Why do I need a criminal lawyer if I’m already guilty and going to jail or getting probation?” An attorney can still be immensely helpful in these situations. Attorneys often have a strong working relationship with both prosecutors and judges, and even though they are technically on different teams, a seasoned attorney knows how certain prosecutors and judges think and can come up with strategies to lessen the punishment, even if a case can’t be won.

Damage Control 

If you are charged with assault causing bodily injury but all you did was push someone without hitting them, your attorney may be able to successfully argue that pushing someone doesn’t meet the definition of ‘assault’ or ‘battery.’ In turn, the prosecutor may decide to lower the charge to something like disorderly conduct or another lesser crime. 

With a lower-level charge, the defendant is much less likely to receive a harsh sentence. Furthermore, because the charge is lower, the defendant will have a less serious criminal record and therefore may still be eligible for jobs that require background checks. 

Let’s Make a Deal

Another way an attorney can help an already-guilty party is by working with the prosecutor to seek what is known as a ‘plea deal.’ In this situation, the criminal defense attorney advises their client to plead guilty, and in turn, the prosecutor agrees to a lower charge. 

To use our example of assault, in addition to being charged with a crime by the prosecutor, a defendant may also be sued by the party that was injured in a civil case to recoup their medical bills or compensate for mental trauma. If the evidence is overwhelming, hiring an attorney may seem pointless.

This could not be further from the truth–in situations like these, the last thing a seasoned attorney wants to do is go to court. A judge or jury may offer substantial damages to the injured party in an actual trial. In these situations, a skilled defense attorney will work with the injured party’s lawyer to reach an out-of-court settlement. 

Settlements often mean the injured party ends up accepting less money, but it’s a win-win for everyone because no one must go through the process of a trial. An attorney may also be able to get the details of the settlement sealed and ensure they are unavailable to the public, whereas a case that goes to trial becomes a freely available public record for all to see. 

Sometimes, It Is About Winning

All that said, doing what’s best for a client means winning cases more often than not. Someone who has been charged with a crime shouldn’t hesitate to ask their attorney how many similar cases they have tried and won. An attorney who has little experience with the type of crime you’ve been charged with should not be hired to defend you–you want a lawyer who has experience with the specific situation in which you’ve found yourself. 

Here at Strom Law, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of criminal defense and have seasoned attorneys with a wide range of expertise. Give us a call today and see how Strom Law can help you win your case or reach the best possible outcome under the circumstances.



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