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How to Find Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing a high-quality South Carolina personal injury attorney is important whether you have been involved in a traffic accident and need to claim compensation or would like to pursue a case against a business, medical practice, or previous employer.

One of the first pieces of advice we offer any prospective client is to ensure their selected attorney is local, because statutes of limitations, caps on personal injury claims, and even court filing processes differ between states. In this guide, we’ll look at other recommendations to help you find a personal injury law firm with the skills and expertise to represent your interests and ensure you achieve a favorable outcome.

The Significance of a Capable Personal Injury Attorney

Misconceptions about personal injury law are common, and we’re often asked questions such as, “Is it worth hiring an attorney for a car accident rather than simply lodging a claim with the other party’s insurer?” The reality is that most people who try to pursue a personal injury case alone are either unsuccessful or receive an unreasonably low settlement due to the negotiation tactics insurers deploy to conclude a case while paying as little as possible in damages.

So, what can a personal injury lawyer do for you, and why does your choice of attorney matter? Lawyers create robust, fully informed cases to prove your claim, which includes conducting investigations, collating witness statements, gathering police records, and finding other evidence to reinforce your position. At Strom Law, we liaise directly with insurance providers to finalize a fair agreement or move ahead with court proceedings when we know a lowball offer is not to your benefit or does not adequately recognize the reparations you are entitled to.

Alongside actively progressing your case, our lawyers will take stress and time pressure off your shoulders, leaving you to recover and recuperate while we manage the complexities of the legal system.

What to Look for in a Specialist Personal Injury Lawyer

As we’ve mentioned, an in-state lawyer is essential, as is a legal team well-versed in factors such as statutes of limitations to avoid any errors that could be detrimental to your likelihood of settling your claim. Finding a local attorney is also important because it can be useful to meet them in person to thoroughly discuss your experiences to receive support and advice during what can be a difficult period.

You should also prioritize the following:

  • Appropriate qualifications and accreditations: Choosing a personal injury attorney from the local directory can be a serious mistake if they are not properly qualified to represent you.
  • Expertise in personal injury law: There are a myriad of potential personal injury cases, from medical malpractice to car accidents caused by negligence, and the right lawyer will have a strong record of successful outcomes and have all the knowledge necessary to offer expert advice.
  • Reputation and practice history: Founded in 1996, Strom Law has been serving the South Carolina community for decades and advises clients to ensure any lawyer they hire has years of extensive experience.

It is also crucial that you are comfortable talking to your personal injury lawyer, particularly because cases may involve discussing personal details to help develop a full picture of the case. Our lawyers are compassionate and empathetic and endeavor to provide a welcoming and friendly environment where you can meet privately to cover confidential matters.

Should I Hire a No-Win, No-Fee Personal Injury Lawyer?

Legal firms offer a range of fee structures. In many cases, you may be able to submit a claim to include your legal costs to ensure you do not incur expenditure to pursue your right to compensation.

While some no-win, no-fee lawyers are reputable, we always advise getting a free case evaluation with our personal injury team as the initial step. In many circumstances, legal firms offering zero fees will only take on the most straightforward cases or charge significant commissions as a percentage of the settlement.

A well-respected personal injury lawyer can make a profound impact on your settlement and the outcomes of court hearings, harnessing the power of the law in the strongest possible terms. We believe that, when it comes to upholding your entitlement to reparations, you should never compromise on quality.



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