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Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal Sued for Automobile Accident

Famous Los Angeles DJ Hit With Automobile Accident Lawsuit from Accident Last Year

On Monday, November 24th, DJ Lethal was hit with a lawsuit for what he calls a “fender bender.”

Suraj Kayastha, the woman DJ Lethal hit, filed the personal injury lawsuit documents in the LA County Superior Court on November 5th. She claimed that she was driving down the 101 almost one year ago, in December of 2011. According to her automobile accident lawsuit, DJ Lethal rear-ended her car on the highway.

Per Kayastha’s lawyer, the plaintiff suffered physical injuries, loss of wages, and damages to her car. She is suing DJ Lethal for an undisclosed amount.Automobile Accident Attorney

Lethal told TMZ: “It was a fender bender. No one got hurt. Cops were on the scene and no one complained of injuries. I had no idea there was even a lawsuit.”

The Troubled Past Before the Automobile Accident

In October, DJ Lethal just reunited with the band Limp Bizkit, after band leader Fred Durst fired the DJ, as well as the drummer, for their “hard partying” ways. The band and former bandmates did not speak for months, but after the cold silence, Lethal finally tweeted that he was returning to the band, and apologized at length to Fred Durst.

The rants are done. And were really embarrassing. I think the guys in the band were actually looking out,I really needed a wake up call. So to finally come clean is really hard but the weight of the world on my shoulders is even harder to carry around. I’m in a great place now and want to thank everyone who had my back through the dark times. So to all the fans and the band. I really was fkd up for a while. I’m sorry. Fred and the band are great people. We’re all human. All love!!”

Although no one has said it yet, it is possible that DJ Lethal is a target for the automobile accident  lawsuit because he is famous for partying and bad behavior. However, it is also possible that the plaintiff suffered long-lasting injuries that she was unaware of at the scene. Neck injuries are common in car accidents, and can occur at speeds as low as 5 mph – however, cars are often not damaged at that speed. 

Symptoms of injuries can develop later on, well after the car accident, and can impair the victim’s ability to work. In addition, injuries can require treatment for months or even years after the accident. So the plaintiff’s lawsuit could have a basis in reality. 

The Strom Law Firm Can Help You With Your Automobile Accident Claim

The Strom Law Firm can help with automobile accident claims
The Strom Law Firm can help with automobile accident claims

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), there were approximately 6,570,000 automobile accidents in 2002. Of these automobile accidents, there were 42,815 fatalities and 2,925,758 injuries. 17,419 of the fatalities were alcohol-related.

Typical causes of automobile accidents include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, automobile defect, failed maintenance, failing to be careful, speeding, running stops signs or stop lights, failing to yield the right of way, not paying attention because of using cell phone or PDA, adjusting the radio or a DVD player, or eating while driving.

Injuries can occur at all speeds, in all kinds of automobile accidents, or even with other vehicles. Even when injuries from the automobile accident do not appear serious initially, they can in fact cause permanent suffering in the accident victim’s life. Our South Carolina car accident attorneys and support staff are experienced in this regard and can help insure you are compensated for all your injuries both current and future. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Do not hesitate to contact us. 803.252.4800.






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