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Low-T Lawsuit Prompts Continued Debate

Low-T Lawsuit Filed Against Axiron Testosterone Therapy

low-t lawsuitA man in Corbin, Kentucky filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Axiron, a testosterone therapy, alleging that taking the drug led to his stroke.

Danny L. Warren filed the low-t lawsuit against Eli Lilly, manufacturers of Axiron testosterone therapy, on June 27th in the US District Court in London, KY. Reportedly, the 67-year-old Warren took Axiron for six months before suffering a stroke. As a result, he was hospitalized for six days, and spent 1 month in patient rehabilitation.

“Had defendants properly disclosed the risk associated with testosterone, plaintiff would have avoided the risk of stroke by either not using testosterone at all, severely limiting the dosage and length of use, and/or by closely monitoring the degree to which the drugs were adversely affecting his health,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit also alleges that Eli Lilly’s Axiron marketing contributed to advertising “low-T” (low testosterone) as a disease that could be cured, leading to a spike in pointless testosterone therapy prescriptions.

“However, consumers of Axiron were misled as to the drug’s safety and efficacy, and as a result have suffered injuries including life-threatening cardiac events, strokes, and thrombolytic events,” the lawsuit contends.

When the FDA approved Axiron in 2010, Eli Lilly and Company asserted in their marketing campaign for the drug that up to 13 million men at age 45 and older could have low-T. However, recent studies, including one published in August 2013 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that low testosterone therapy was mis-prescribed at least 1/3 of the time, when many patients simply suffered from fatigue.

“The advertising campaigns suggest that various symptoms often associated with other conditions may be caused by low testosterone and encourage men to discuss testosterone replacement therapy with their doctors if they experienced any of the ‘symptoms’ of low testosterone,” the lawsuit states, noting the general symptoms may be the result of aging, weight gain, or lifestyle, rather than low testosterone.

Lastest Low-T Therapy Study Shows No Link to Heart Problems

Meanwhile, the latest study in testosterone therapies shows no correlation between the therapies and an increased risk of heart disease or complications.

A study of 24,000 Medicare patients who were prescribed testosterone therapies found that the drug did not increase the risk of a heart attack, and it may potentially have lowered the risk of heart attack about 30% for about one quarter of users.

The findings are contrary to other studies, which found an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from cardiac arrest to increase among testosterone therapy users by about 30%, when the user was 50 years old or older.

“Our study brings some balance to the discussion and I think it has far-reaching clinical and public-health implications,” said lead researcher Jacques Baillargeon, director of epidemiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

The study limited itself to one type of testosterone therapy – injections – and did not assess the risks of pills, gels, or patches. Those using testosterone therapies are also likely, other studies have found, to be older, and possibly have other risk factors for heart disease or stroke, and could be taking medications to lower those risks, along with making lifestyle changes.

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