Man arrested for DUI with BAC of .627


A 24 year old man was arrested for DUI with a blood-alcohol level twice that of what is considered a lethal dose.  His BAC was .627, the highest level the Johnson County Attorney had ever seen.Man arrested for DUI with BAC of .627

The man, Justin Clark, was driving at 10 PM July 29th when neighbors called the police to alert them to the possible DUI.  He was alleged to have been driving erratically — all over the road, hitting curbs and swerving into yards. When police arrived, Clark was sitting in his running vehicle revving the engine.

He was unable to answer questions or to get out of his vehicle.  The breathalyzer test showed his BAC as .486.  He was immediately hospitalized and the blood test showed his BAC to be .627.

Any BAC higher than .30 can cause a person to become comatose and die — people have died from alcohol at much lower BACs.

An ER doctor at the University of Iowa, Michael Takacs, says that it is the highest BAC he’s ever heard of and would almost always be fatal.  To get a BAC of .627, a person would have to consume 35 servings of alcohol in 4 hours.

Clark survived the ordeal, apparently no worse — except for the DUI charge — for wear.  It is miraculous that he was able to get behind the wheel and not hurt anyone despite that record high BAC.

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BAC of .627



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