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Molly Is Not So Innocent

Is molly dangerous?

Even at its purest form, MDMA, street name “molly,” can be dangerous. MDMA may ship from as far away as Asia, Canada and even the Netherlands. Most molly users do not know the type of lab environment used in the production of molly. Many may not take the drug if they actually knew where production happened and what the facilities were like.

Every illegal drug is illegal because it carries some hidden dangers, and molly is no exception. Molly may sound innocent, but can be harmful. Molly’s altered makeup can make the drug particularly dangerous. It is hard to tell if the substance you are taking is pure because MDMA tastes, smells, and affects individuals differently than other drugs and individuals may not have experienced each molly variation.

molly, or MDMA, is harmful

Molly lures many of its users in because of the limited negative side effects experienced while on the drug. There are also no associated withdrawal symptoms. Prolonged molly usage diminishes the users’ high, making the risk of physical addiction low. MDMA addictions make up less than five percent of Southern California’s Passages Rehab centers clients. Hospital visits caused by MDMA are also low. Less than four percent of emergency room visits in 2009 were due in part to MDMA, according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network. This does not mean the drug is not dangerous. The Drug Abuse Network found that from 2004 to 2009 there was 123 percent increase in the number of emergency room visits involving MDMA. These visits stemmed from MDMA taken alone, with pharmaceuticals, with alcohol, or a combination of other drugs and alcohol. Theodore Bania, a medical toxicologist and emergency medicine physician at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital says most molly users do not end up in the hospital, but some users may experience side effects that require hospitalization. MDMA, even its purest form, can cause elevated heart rates, distorted thoughts, rising body temperatures and fading stamina as users continue to party while on the drug. MDMA with the combination of alcohol can increase side effect risks. Bania says he frequently sees patients who have taken the drug and have mild complications including dehydration, exhaustion, to more severe side effects including hyperthermia, seizures, electrolyte abnormalities, cardiac episodes and comas. MDMA can deplete the body of some neurotransmitters, causing a depressed mood a day or two after using the drug. One researcher says he has seen MDMA lead to long-term depression.
As a society, are we being too soft on drugs?Tammy Anderson, a professor of sociology at the University of Delaware, attributes molly’s rising popularity to our current drug culture. Anderson has studied the use of drugs, including MDMA in nightclubs, and states, “We’re at a place here historically that people don’t think marijuana is a drug anymore.” Marijuana’s classification is still a Schedule 1 drug like molly. Many citizens not only think of marijuana as a minor drug, but also as one that should be legal. Seventeen states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.“We are moving into a post-war on drugs era. We’re seeing a softening on drug laws and softening against drugs, especially among young people,” states Anderson.

Currently, the DEA is focusing their attention on fighting the abuse of prescription drugs like Oxycontin and Valium. Officials hope the answer to the question “Have you seen molly?” is “No.”

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