Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy and Social Security Benefits in South Carolina

What You Should Know

Muscular dystrophy is a condition that causes someone to grow progressivly weaker as the muscles cells and tissues start to die off. Dystrophies differ from other conditions that affect the muscle in the sense that the problem lies soley in the muscles themselves and not the nerves, blood vessles or bones that support the muscles.

MD  is relatively easy to diagnose.  A combinitation of blood tests, medical history, physical exams and a muscle analysis can help check for the presence of specific enzymes that coincide with muscle being destroyed and other muscle abnormalities. Discovering these conditions help identify when a patient is experiencing MD conditions and can better gauge how long a person has until their condition leaves them possibly unable to continue work.

Two obvious symptoms of MD are enlarged calves and abnormal walking that of which resembles a waddling stride. The condition worsens over time. Young boys with MD usually experience inward curvature of the spine before they will eventually need a wheel chair to support their deteriorating muscles.

Talk With Us About Your Injury

The effects of Muscular Dystrophy can be devestating for someone who works. As the muscles grow weaker and the condition becomes more severe it becomes hard if not impossible to continue working to provide a living. Contact out office today so we can help you during your application to receive compensation for your condition. Once you and your doctor agree that you will reach a point where you are unable to work, you will want to be prepared and already on your way to be receiving benefits to support yourself.

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