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An accident that might appear to be a minor car accident may lead to severe injuries and high repair costs. A car accident can result in personal injury ranging from whiplash, broken bones, strain to ligaments or tendons, and discs in the back and neck to more permanent injuries, including paralysis, even wrongful death. You should always seek advice from an experienced Columbia Car Accident Lawyer to see if you have a case for compensation.

As a result, a car accident case is not simple. Many people, including attorney after attorney, regard a car accident case as run-of-the-mill. That is rarely the case.

Every car accident attorney at Strom Law Firm, L.L.C., understands what it takes to protect the rights of victims injured in car accidents before and throughout your case. Let a car accident lawyer stand for you.

First Steps After A Car Accident

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Car Accident Attorney, Pete Strom

The events following a car accident can be overwhelming and stressful. It’s important always to remain calm to protect you, your passengers, and your car from further damage. Ensure everyone’s safety in the car before thinking of contacting an attorney.

If there are injuries to you or other passengers in the car, call 911 immediately and report those injuries. If you are able, after the accident, exchange information including driver’s license, registration, insurance information, and phone numbers.

Refrain from discussing the details of the auto accident and do not say anything at all that could be construed as admitting fault for an accident. Take pictures of the car accident. Make a note of any injuries in the car from the accident.

Causes of South Carolina Car Accidents

There Are Many Causes of Auto Accidents in South Carolina

The Insurance Institute for Highway and Safety (NHTSA) stated that there were more than 824 fatal car accidents in South Carolina in 2014. Even with today’s greater emphasis on safety, car accidents continue to occur. The most common causes of auto accidents include:

  • Speeding Accident — The NHTSA reports that speed is one of the most common factors in car accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control (C.D.C.), teen drivers are more likely to speed than adult drivers, and male teens are more likely to speed compared with their female counterparts.
  • Distracted Driving Accident —According to the National Safety Council (N.S.C.), over 25% of all automobile crashes are related to cell phone use, whether by talking on the phone or texting.
  • Drunk Driving Accident —The NHTSA stated that alcohol was a factor in more than 40% of all automobile fatalities. Approximately 30 people die every day in the United States from a drunk driving-related accident.
  • Automotive Defects Accident — There are many accidents caused by automotive defects. In those situations, drivers can recover damages in their case from the companies responsible for the car’s defective design or construction. Common defects include airbags, defective tires, and seatbelt defects.

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Handling a Wide Variety of Accident and Accident Injury Cases

The Strom Law Firm attorneys handle a wide variety of accident cases including:

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Car Accident Injury Compensation

Many of our clients often have questions for their attorney regarding expected compensation from their car accident or personal injury claim. Some of the more common concerns expressed to car accident lawyers are answered below:

For what losses am I most likely to be compensated?

If you are injured in an accident, the at-fault driver will be responsible for your medical bills as well as any consequential damages, including lost wages. Depending upon the severity of your auto accident-related injuries, you may be entitled to an award of the costs for future medical care.

While proving such compensation is appropriate may require the use of expert testimony and other difficult steps, the Strom Law Firm, L.L.C. has the resources to fight for compensation for your claim.

Will I be compensated for losing my ability to enjoy certain aspects of my life?

Most states allow additional recovery when an injury from an accident interferes with your ability to lead a normal life. Even with an elderly client, he/she might not be able to play with your grandchildren, to walk and exercise as he/she did prior to the accident, to communicate meaningfully with others, or to engage in pastimes previously enjoyed. You deserve compensation when an accident causes such loss, and we will fight for you!

What if my loved one was seriously injured or lost their life?

When an accident results in the loss of a spouse, you may also be entitled to damages for loss of enjoyment of life.
In the event that your spouse is seriously injured and your intimate relationship is affected, we may also file a claim for loss of consortium.

Your car accident lawyer may include Mental Injuries in a case for compensation. Such injuries can include:

  • Fear of the consequences of an injury while awaiting help following an accident;
  • Fear experienced when the injury occurred;
  • Fear experienced after an injury concerning what happened in the accident;
  • Anxiety concerning physical health and future well-being;
  • Fear of the need for future surgery resulting from injury;
  • Fear of increased vulnerability to future injury;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the accident.

Monetary damages for pain and suffering exist to compensate someone for injuries that are physical or emotional in nature.

This is separate from compensation for out of pocket damages including lost wages and medical bills.

What If The Defendant Was Acting In An Extremely Dangerous Manner?

Punitive damages may be awarded in cases where it is shown that a person engaged in malicious or reckless conduct.

Talk to a Car Accident Attorney About Your Injuries Right Away

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Dealing With An Insurance Company

Let your car accident lawyer handle the insurance company.

It is important to understand the relationship between an accident victim and an insurance company. The relationship does not always share mutual interests.

Should I Give A Statement To The Insurance Company?

After your auto accident, an insurance adjuster assigned to your case will want to obtain a statement from you. Always speak to a lawyer before giving any statements to an insurance company.

What If The Insurance Company Is Willing To Settle My Claim Without An Attorney?

Simply put, let an attorney negotiate with any insurance company, even your own. Of course the insurance company would prefer to settle before attorneys are involved. The insurance company knows that we will fight to be sure that you are fairly compensated. An insurance company’s interests are best served when it gives you the least amount of money possible.

Do not let the insurance company try to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Insurance companies are focused on making money, not ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

What If I Am Still Treating With My Physician Or My Injuries Are Permanent?

Although the insurance adjuster may push you to settle your claim, you need to make sure that you are finished treating, and understand the full extent of your injuries and medical costs prior to even discussing settlement. You also need to know whether you will need future treatment or suffer from any future impairment before you even consider settlement. Our Columbia car accident lawyers can help you with this.

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Our car accident lawyers are prepared to fight for compensation for your auto accident injuries in the courtroom. We will defend your right to compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost wages and future earnings, your pain and suffering, and in the event of a fatal car accident, even wrongful death.

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When should you call?

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