Nuvaring Lawsuit

Nuvaring Lawsuit

Nuvaring, manufactured by Merck & Co, Inc, is a small, intervaginal device, used to prevent pregnancy. The device is inserted once a month. The device was initially praise for its low dosage and easy use, as compared to the birth control pills’ daily regimen.

Nuvaring is now being linked to various, and sometimes serious, problems and side effects. Nuvaring is a birth control ring containing desogestrel. Desogestrel is referred to as “third generation” oral contraceptives. The Food and Drug Administration released a statement in 1995 stating that “new studies indicate about a two-fold increase in the risk of venous blood clots associated with products containing desogestrel.” Essentially, Nuvaring thickens the blood, making it easier to clot.

Problems associated with Nuvaring include:

  • Stroke,
  • Blood clots,
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), and
  • Pulmonary embolism.

Nuvaring Lawyers in South Carolina

These problems and side effects can be life threatening.

In a study published in Contraception 2010, two cases of DVT were reported out of 72 women using contraceptive vaginal rings.

Other possible problems can be derived from mechanical issues with the device and cases involving improper insertation, placement, and expulsion of the device. Others have claimed to feel the device during sexual intercourse. Other side effects include headache, nausea, vaginitis, and leucorrhea (thing white to yellow vaginal discharge), among others. These side effects are relatively mild and can be treated.

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