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Potential Class Action Against Uber for Spam Texts

Uber Faces Possible Class Action Lawsuit for Bombarding Uber Users with Spam Texts

spam textsJust in time for the New Year, a group of plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against Uber, claiming that the company spammed their phones with unwanted text messages. The plaintiffs have requested class action status.

The lawsuit was filed in a US District Court in San Francisco on December 31st. This potential class action lawsuit against Uber is just one in a series of possible class action lawsuits against major companies that, according to plaintiffs, have violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending too many spam texts.

Several Uber customers have complained to the FCC about the excessive text messages, including one former customer who said that Uber texted him at 1:44 AM and 4:10 AM.

“A lot of businesses are abusing text messages as a way of direct marketing,” said Hassan A. Zavareei, the lawyer representing four named plaintiffs from three states in the spam-text case against Uber, including Lathrop of Gresham, Oregon. “It has become a real nuisance.”

Uber faces numerous lawsuits across the country, from taxi cab companies and city or state governments who say that the ridesharing company violates local taxi laws; from former customers who were assaulted or sexually abused by drivers; from customers who find that Uber’s policy of jacking up fares on major holidays or at peak hours violates consumer protection laws; and one tragic wrongful death lawsuit in San Francisco, in which a family holds Uber responsible for the distracted driving of one hired driver who hit and killed a 6-year-old girl on New Year’s Day last year.

This, however, is Uber’s first Telephone Consumer Protection violations class action lawsuit. If the lawsuit becomes a class action, Uber may have to pay all customers for their increased telephone bills due to excessive text messages, regardless of whether they joined the class action or not.

Papa John’s faced a similar lawsuit filed in 2012, in which the pizza company was accused of sending 500,000 spam texts about deals and special offers to customers. Burger King and CVS face potential class actions this year, accusing the companies of violating consumer protection laws.

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