Restaurant-Goers Suffer Credit Card Hack Attack

Credit Card Info at NC and SC Restaurants Stolen in Hack Attack

hack attackAuthorities in Pickens County, South Carolina, as well as Western North Carolina, are investigating claims that a hack attack at local Bojangles restaurants exposed several customers to identity theft.

According to law enforcement officials, hackers broke into the Bojangles computer system and stole credit card information, forged false credit cards, and are selling the information on the black market.

“The victims are still in possession of their physical cards, however, their card numbers were being utilized throughout the United States and in some cases internationally,” Pickens County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chuck James said.

Bojangles contacted local authorities after receiving reports from several locations that their computer systems had been the target of a hack attack. The restaurant confirmed that locations in Hendersonville and Waynesville, NC, in Pickens, SC, and Newport, TN had their computer systems compromised, and credit card information could have been stolen.

“We are actively working to ensure we have all the facts in this case,” a statement from Bojangles said.

The statement added that the restaurant is taking immediate steps to secure customer information, and that the restaurants that had been the target of the hack attack were operated by the same franchisee.

“The more frequently you check your bank account, the earlier you can detect it,” James said.

Officials recommend that, if you used your credit or debit card at one of the Bojangles in the affected area, then you should contact your bank immediately if you see any suspicious activity on your card, and consider looking into your credit score and to see if any of your personal information has been compromised.

South Carolina Undertakes 3-Year Security Study to Prevent Future Hack Attacks

South Carolina residents unfortunately continue to suffer from scams in the wake of the hack attacks on SCDOR. However, the state announced that in March, it will embark on a three-year evaluation of current technology, and upgrade the state computers.

“It focuses on identifying the current security position of the state and identifying what that future position should look like statewide. It includes assessments of a total of 18 agencies over that 3-year period. It includes developing policies, standards and procedures that the state will follow in security, related to cyber security,” state Budget and Control Board executive director Marcia Adams said on Tuesday, January 29th.

No consulting agency has been chosen yet, but the review will begin on March 5th. The board will look at three state agencies as a cross-section of the government, and report to state lawmakers by May 1st.

“We have different agencies handling their data security in different ways. What the consultant has now said is we need something consistent. What everybody we’ve talked to has said we need a consistent umbrella,” Gov. Haley said after the board meeting.

The Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm Can Help Prosecute Criminals, Including South Carolina’s Hack Attack

Hackers can break into complex security systems any time. If your personal information has been stolen, you could face difficulty applying for social security benefits. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. If you live in South Carolina and you are a victim of South Carolina’s Hack Attack, the attorneys at Strom Law can help you secure your social security disability and benefits. We offer free, confidential consultations, so do not hesitate to contact us. 803.252.4800.



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