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Rollover Accidents and a 2012 Mercedes SLS

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What causes a vehicle rollover accident and how can you prevent from getting seriously injured or killed?

One quarter of all vehicle-related fatalities are due to rollover accidents. Most commonly in rollover accident fatalities, the passenger is ejected from the seat and thrown out of the vehicle during a rollover. Seat belt use can greatly reduce the chance of getting ejected from a vehicle during a rollover.

Another common cause of rollover accident fatalities is a crushed roof. This occurs when during the rollover, the roof crushes. This can lead to traumatic brain injuries and death. Roof crush can occur with both SUV’s and sedans; however, SUV’s are more prone to rollover accidents because they have a high center of gravity and are top heavy. This causes them to become off balanced and eventually rollover. Half of all annual SUV road fatalities are due to rollovers.


Rollover Accident LItigation
Rollover Accidents and a 2012 Mercedes SLS

Rollover accidents are usually the result of a vehicle taking a turn too quickly. If a vehicle hits a turn or corner too quickly it can become unstable and eventually roll onto its roof, side or completely over. Usually prior to rolling over the vehicle will begin to slide and/or spin. Weather conditions can also affect whether a vehicle may rollover or not. Often icy or slippery roads can enhance the chance that a vehicle may rollover. It is extremely important to drive slower and with caution during times of bad weather.

A sudden stop may cause a vehicle to rollover; this type of rollover accident is referred to as a “tripping” or “stumbling” rollover. Usually vehicles involved in “tripping” rollovers are flipped onto their roofs. Rollovers may also be the result of defective parts. Faulty brakes and loose steering columns can result in rollover accidents.

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