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Sen. Harry Reid Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Exercise Band

Exercise Band Injures Senator Harry Reid, Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed

Exercise Band Injury LawsuitFiery democratic senator, Harry Reid, suffered a serious eye injury after an exercise band allegedly caused him to break several bones around his eye, as well as several ribs. After almost a year of undergoing treatment, Reid has not only been forced to leave his political career due to his injury, but he and his wife have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the exercise band’s manufacturer for at least $50,000 in damages.

Reid has suffered the sort of emotional pain that many personal injury plaintiffs go through – a defective product caused him great physical injury, leading him to hospitalization, days away from work and in a doctor’s office, and thousands of dollars on medical treatment that only marginally returned his quality of life. Although Reid and his family were hopeful that his vision would return, at least in his right eye, he has not recovered much of his vision. In addition, the reconstructive surgery to his left eye was not as effective as he had hoped.

His medical condition has caused Reid to abandon his plans for re-election to the US Senate in 2016. As with numerous other personal injury sufferers, Reid now faces a life focused on his medical care, rather than his passions, career, and hobbies.

Reid and his wife, Landra Gould, filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and sellers of the exercise band, Hygenic Intangible Property Holding Co., the Hygenic Corp. and Performance Health LLC.

Reid stated in an interview, that he typically does 250 sit-ups, some “yoga-type stuff,” and uses a resistance exercise band about 3 days per week to stay healthy. While using his second-toughest band on January 1st, the band snapped, hitting him in the eye and causing the 75-year-old Democrat to fall backwards. When Reid hit the floor, he broke multiple ribs, and a trip to the hospital uncovered several broken bones in his eye socket.

Subsequently, Reid has been unable to perform most of his functions as a Senator representing Nevada. He has also had to abandon plans to run for re-election, and will most likely not continue his 30-year political career, so that he can focus on recovery.



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