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Spotlight: Midtown Bar & Grill, Charleston, South Carolina


Here’s a classic scenario: you’re at a bar or restaurant, you and your friends have some social drinks over many hours. You want to be responsible, though, so you drink slowly, drink water with your alcoholic beverage, and have some food.

When you leave the bar, the police are out in force. You are pulled over after driving too slowly, or possibly missing a turn signal. You’re given a Breathalyzer, and the officer finds that you have alcohol in your blood stream, so you’re charged with a DUI.

Although too many people get behind the wheel after drinking too much or ingesting illegal drugs, you may not have intended to drive while intoxicated. The Strom Law Firm, with the help of Charleston’s wonderful Midtown Bar & Grill, is offering special wrist bands for those purchasing alcohol. The bands feature contact information for Strom Law Firm DUI Attorney Trey Harrell, who received his law degree from the Charleston School of Law.

The wrist bands that read:

“Trey Harrell – Attorney at Law
(843) xxx-xxxx – @StromLaw – 2110 N Beltline Blvd”

will be available at Midtown Bar & Grill feature a QR code, which will direct you to the Strom Law Firm’s DUI app, so you can contact a DUI defense attorney, like Trey Harrell, ASAP.

The Strom Law Firm offers free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your DUI case, so do not hesitate to contact us! Be responsible and designate a driver!



About Pete Strom

Defending criminal charges including drug crimes, DUI, CDV, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, computer crimes, money laundering, and juvenile crimes, Pete also handles Federal and State investigations. Representing individuals in Civil Matters including Class Actions, Personal Injury, Qui Tam Actions, Defective Products, Nursing Home Neglect, and Professional Licensing Defense cases. Joseph Preston “Pete” Strom, Jr., the managing partner at Strom Law Firm, L.L.C., has been fighting for justice since 1984.

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