When Workplace Hazards Lead to Personal Injury

Avoiding Workplace Hazards

In many occupations, workers repeat the same tasks day in and day out. Depending upon the situation, sometimes these shutterstock_570109819repetitive tasks may require little thought and effort. At times,  repetitive work can reduce awareness –replacing the attentiveness displayed when the job was new and interesting. If job safety is not mentioned from time to time, there is a risk that the odds of a work related accident will increase.  Are you aware of the hazards at your worksite?

On the job accidents can occur in a split second.  When a work related accident occurs, it can be disabling and even deadly. While workers employed in industrial environments and/or who work around heavy equipment may be at risk for serious personal injury, we should all be aware of our work environment and the most common job hazards.

The most common job hazards include:

  • Slips/Falls
    In general, falls account for more than one million injuries each year across the nation. Whether the result of a spill, foreign substance, an uneven surface, or ootherwise, it is important to take the time to pay attention to your surroundings and notify your employer if you identify any potential job hazards in your work area.
  • On the Job Work Activity
    In manual labor environments, work injuries are very prevalent.  If you job consists of heavy lifting, pulling carrying, pushing, or moving items or equipment, you are more susceptible to back injuries, heart problems, muscle injuries, and even broken limbs.  Similarly, many workers are affected by repeitive use/trauma such as typing or rolling dough.
  • Working Around Equipment/Automobile accidents
    Whether the result of a forklift injury or otherwise, if you work in an area where heavy equipment is used, vehicles often pass through, or even if you drive for a living, you may be injured by the vehicle/equipment, or by an items that the vehicle or equipment were carrying.  Common injuries include severe head, neck, and back injuries, broken limbs, and injuries to other parts of the body.
  • Risk of Shock/Electrocution
    You may be surprised how many workers are injured in electrical accidents in the U.S each year. Getting zapped, shocked or burned are common causes of injuries that can easily be serious or even fatal. Those who deal specifically with electricity on a regular basis are at increased risk for severe injuries.  As previously stated, do not intentionally place yourself at risk and be sure to report any unsafe conditions, equipment, or work practices as soon as possible.

When jobsite hazards lead to a work related accident, you have the right to compensation under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Laws.  Our South Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorneys pursue workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured workers.  Give us a call today for a free consultation: 803.252.4800.


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