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SSD and SSI Eligibility Myths

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income Myths

There are many myths associated with the SSD and SSI benefits application process. Avoid putting off your application and review these SSD and SSI myths so you have the correct information regarding your disability benefits.

You cannot work if you are applying for disability

Maybe people believe that you are not allowed to be employed and working when applying for SSD, which isn’t necessarily true. If you continue to work and your monthly gross earned income is low enough you may still be eligible to apply for SSD.

Even if you have stopped working, don’t hesitate to file for disability. Applying for SSD is a lengthy process and the longer you wait the more you may have to utilize your personal savings as you wait for your application to be approved.

The Social Security Administration always denies first time applications for disability benefits

The SSA does deny many of the claims submitted, although that does not necessarily mean it’s impossible to win your case the first time you apply.

Seeking out the help and guidance of an experienced attorney will give you the best shot at success the first time you apply for disability. Our lawyers at the Strom Law Firm can help you apply for disability so you can have a successful claim.

If you have certain diseases, you can automatically qualify for disability benefits

Regardless of your condition, there is no automatic qualification for disability benefits.

The information from your health care provider is what the SSA uses for approval for Social Security Disability benefits. The more thorough and complete the information provided is the better chance you have in order to get the benefits you need.

Young people will automatically be denied when applying for disability benefits

It is wrongly assumed that people in their twenties and thirties have no chance to win a SSD or SSI claim. Regardless of your age, if you have a work history, and a disability that stops you from pursuing that work for a year or more, you may qualify for disability.

Children under 18 have separate requirements to meet when applying for SSD.  

Our disability lawyers at the Strom Law Firm, LLC have represented hundreds of Social Security claimants in South Carolina and see every case through to resolution. If you or someone you know needs assistance while applying for disability benefits, contact our office today and see how our attorneys can help you receive the benefits you deserve.

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