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Strom Law Firm Now Taking Clients for NFL Concussion Lawsuit

NFL Concussion Settlement Registration

The Strom Law Firm is now taking clients for the NFL Concussion Settlement. If you believe you may be eligible for benefits under this settlement, contact the Strom Law Firm right away at (803) 252-4800 or visit



The NFL Players’ Concussion Injury Litigation class action settlement became final and effective on January 7, 2017. All Settlement Class members must register to be eligible for benefits, including Retired NFL Football Players, Representative Claimants who have a legal right to act on behalf of a Retired NFL Football Player, and Derivative Claimants who have certain legal rights because of their relationship with a Retired NFL Football Player. For help registering or for any legal assistance, please contact the Strom Law Firm immediately.

Registration opened on February 6, 2017 and closes on August 7, 2017. You must register between these dates to be eligible for benefits.



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