Self-Driving Tractor Trailer Can Prevent Trucking Accidents

New Self-Driving Semi-Truck Could Reduce or Prevent Trucking AccidentsHauling cargo across the country is a tough, demanding job for any long-haul trucker. Although Federal law regulates the hours and manner of driving, violations are common, increasing the risk of a tractor trailer accident. Now, a company has developed a self-driving tractor … [Read more...]

Five Georgia Nursing Students Die in Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor Trailer Accident Leads to Deaths of Five Nursing StudentsIn the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 22nd, traffic in Georgia was start-and-stop as usual during the morning rush. Unfortunately, a tractor trailer failed to slow down during a stop in the highway traffic and caused a serious, multi-car pile-up that killed five nursing … [Read more...]

Congress Suspends “Rest Rule” Which Could Lead to Trucking Accidents

Congress Relaxes Rest Requirements for Truckers, Which Could Cause More Trucking Accidents Due to ExhaustionDespite evidence that exhausted truck drivers are more at risk of causing trucking accidents, at the end of last year, Congress rolled back a “rest rule” created in 2013 that required a certain amount of rest for truck drivers.The Federal … [Read more...]

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