$9 Billion Actos Verdict Upheld

Judge Will Not Overturn Actos Verdict, Takeda Still Owes $9 Billion Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly still owe plaintiffs in the first Actos verdict $9 billion in punitive damages, according to the judge. The Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer filed an appeal of the Actos verdict after plaintiff Terrence Allen won the first bellwether trial … [Read more...]

Blue Cross Files Actos Lawsuit

Blue Cross Files Actos Lawsuit On Behalf of Its Members Insurance company Blue Cross has filed an Actos lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and their American distributor, Eli Lilly, alleging personal injury on behalf of their insureds who took Actos. Blue Cross's Actos lawsuit claims that the Japanese pharmaceutical company failed to warn … [Read more...]

Video Games Can Help Promote Lifestyle Changes, Prevent Use of Dangerous Drugs like Actos

Recent studies into the therapeutic use of video games show that games can be used to promote a more active lifestyle, teach about self-care, empower patients to be more active in their treatment, and even build connections in the brain. These benefits can help patients, in the long-term, stay away from dangerous drugs like Actos and Avandia. The … [Read more...]

Actos Litigation Will Use New Predictive Coding to Sort Documents

The multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and their Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, is taking an interesting step forward with some technological help. The MDL was originally formed to help consolidate several similar cases against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, which allege that their drug Actos led to bladder cancer. Several … [Read more...]

Scottish Study Shows Overdose Drug Helps Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

A study from researchers at the University of the Highlands and Islands shows that a drug used to reverse paracetamol overdose could help prevent blood clots in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Professor Ian Megson, at the University’s Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science, studied the drug N-acetylcysteine’s effect on platelets, which … [Read more...]

Plaintiff Blames Actos for Husband’s Death

In October 2011, Thomas Harber died because he developed bladder cancer. His wife,Nancy, is now filing a lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for producing andmarketing Actos, which she alleges caused her husband’s cancer. The lawsuit was filed August 10th, and moved into the multidistrict litigation against Actos in the US District Court in … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Might Be a Type of Diabetes

Brown University researcher Suzanne de la Monte showed a distinct link between Alzheimer’s and insulin resistance, a characteristic of diabetes. De la Monte studied rats who were fed a compound that prevented their brains from using insulin, and she discovered that they could not learn mazes or remember previous skills. She said, "They were … [Read more...]

Women with Type 2 Diabetes More Likely to Develop, Less Likely to Survive, Breast Cancer

Two studies published recently report on the link between Type 2 diabetes and breast cancer. One study led by A.L. Ronco of Pereira Rossell Women's Hospital in Montevideo, Uruguay, showed that women who were obese and had Type 2 diabetes related to obesity were 9 times as likely to develop breast cancer. The other study, led by Wei-Wu Chen of … [Read more...]

Women At Greater Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study of diabetes and job stress showed that women who were micromanaged were at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than their male counterparts. However, job stress is not the only thing that increases professional women’s risk of diabetes. Peter Smith, lead author of the nine-year study by researchers at the Institute for Work … [Read more...]

Skip Generic Actos, for Health and Legal Reasons

Earlier this month, despite numerous lawsuits against Takeda Pharmaceuticals Actos, the FDA approved pioglitazone – the generic name for Actos – for market in the United States. Now, watchdog group Consumer Reports says the “bargain” should be avoided. For one thing, Consumer Reports points out, the generic version will not currently save patients … [Read more...]

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