AndroGel Lawsuits Allege Company Hid Dangers

AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Allege Manufacturer Hid Dangers from Consumers Five men have filed personal injury lawsuits against the testosterone replacement drug, AndroGel, alleging that the company hid the cardiovascular dangers of the drug. The complaints were filed in the federal court of Chicago on February 5th, just a few days … [Read more...]

AndroGel’s Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Consolidated

AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Consolidated The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) issued an order on June 6th to consolidate testosterone therapy injury lawsuits involving Abbott Laboratories and Abbvie, Inc testosterone gels.  Testosterone therapy drugs including AndroGel are believed to increase the risk of heart attacks … [Read more...]

FDA Enforces Warning Labels on Testosterone Therapy

FDA Requires Warnings on Testosterone Therapy About Blood Clots On Thursday, June 19th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it would require warning labels on testosterone therapy, including AndroGel, that would inform consumers about the risks of blood clots and strokes. Postmarket studies of blood clot and stroke risks related … [Read more...]

AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Might Consolidate

Motion Filed to Consolidate AndroGel Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits On March 28th, plaintiffs filed a motion to consolidate all lawsuits against AndroGel, manufactured by AbbVie Inc and Abbott Laboratories, into one multidistrict litigation (MDL). The motion requested that the AndroGel testosterone therapy lawsuits be consolidated in the US … [Read more...]

FDA Debates Use of Testosterone Therapy, Benefits, Side Effects

FDA Fails to Find Evidence That Use of Testosterone Therapy Works The Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a meeting amongst regulators to discuss the benefits and detriments of the use of testosterone therapy, in light of numerous Low T personal injury lawsuits that have recently alleged harmful side effects from using the product, … [Read more...]

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