Georgia Toddler Suffers Serious Third Degree Burn Injuries from Fryer

Young Georgia Boy Suffers Third Degree Burn Injuries Involving Fryer Incident The 18-month-old son of a Georgia firefighter is recovering after suffering third degree burns from an oil-less turkey deep fryer in an accident last week. The child’s father, Ron Burleson, works as a firefighter in Douglas County, GA. He had been cooking a chicken for … [Read more...]

Burn Awareness Week Helps Parents Prevent Burn Injuries

Burn Awareness Week Highlights Potential Personal Burn Injuries and Prevention Scalding and burn injuries affect all ages, but young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. This year, the week of February 1st through 7th is Burn Awareness Week, according to the American Burn Association, and will highlight prevention and treatment for … [Read more...]

Elderly Patients Less Likely to Survive Burn Injuries

Study Shows Elderly Patients Have Higher Mortality When Serious Burn Injuries are Involved A Canadian study shows that elderly patients who suffer serious burn injuries are less likely to survive treatment. Researchers at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre investigated why senior citizens developed serious complications when they suffered … [Read more...]

July 4th Fireworks Safety Tips: Avoiding Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries Prevention: Fireworks Safety During July 4th Celebrations Not only is July 4th the celebration of Independence for the United States, it is the peak of summer, a celebration full of outdoor activities from barbeques, to boat trips, to fireworks displays. But it's also a time to read up on fireworks safety tips and how to avoid burn … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Employees Allege Labor Violations

Numerous Labor Violations at McDonald’s Franchises Put Employees at Risk A group fighting for a $15 minimum wage, especially for notoriously low-paid McDonald’s employees, said on Monday, March 16th that it will file a series of health and safety complaints because of numerous labor violations that have put McDonald’s workers at risk of serious … [Read more...]

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