New Drug Resistant Bacteria Makes CDC Issue Warnings

Gonorrhea is not an STD seen in many headlines, but a recently-discovered strain has caused panic in several countries, including the US. This past Thursday, the CDC announced that only one of several existing antibacterials created to combat gonorrhea is effective, and should be used sparingly and in concert with other drugs. While no known … [Read more...]

36 Million Americans Have Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure…Do You?

Could you be suffering from uncontrolled high blood pressure? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report Tuesday stating: 36 million Americans have high blood pressure, even after taking medication to control it; This equates to nearly 1 in 6 Americans; It puts these people at 3 to 4 times more likely to suffer … [Read more...]

Helmets: Will they save your child from concussions?

Car accidents are the number one cause of concussions in young people, but sports are a close second; half of those sports-related concussions happen in football.  Cars, of course, are regulated by the government and insurance agencies, no such rules apply to football equipment. With no hard and fast rules, and dozens of positions an athlete … [Read more...]

CDC Investigation Confirms Chinese Drywall Harms Health

CDC Investigation Confirms that Chinese Drywall Is Harmful For decades, defective Chinese drywall has sickened people in 33 states, including South Carolina and many other southern states. Now, an investigation from the Centers for Disease Control confirms what residents already know – Chinese drywall has serious side effects. In a report … [Read more...]

CDC: Prescriptions Drugs Cause More Deaths than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys Many people do not realize the seriousness of prescription drug abuse. Street drugs like heroin, crack or meth have always been considered evil for decades, but prescription drugs have not had that status.  As a result, there's a tendency to take them a little less seriously. This may be the wake up call … [Read more...]

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