Woman Released from Jail in Child Cruelty Case

Woman Arrested with Child Cruelty Charges for Disciplining Her Children Released from Jail a 30-year-old single mother of six was put in jail last Tuesday after admitting to hitting three of her sons with a cord after they stole from and vandalized a neighbor’s home. The woman is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and she was released from custody on … [Read more...]

Father Charged with Manslaughter and Child Abuse After Hot Car Death

Arizona Father Faces Manslaughter and Child Abuse Charges After Son Dies in Hot Car A father in Arizona made his first court appearance on Tuesday, April 21st, after being arrested and charged with manslaughter and child abuse when his 2-year-old son died from staying in a hot car for hours. James Koryor, 41, appeared in court for a hearing on … [Read more...]

VIDEO: “Free-Range Parents” Accused of Child Endangerment

Maryland Parents with “Free Range” Philosophy Charged with Child Endangerment and Neglect As more parents speak out against “helicopter” parenting – in which parents are overbearing and overschedule their children without teaching them independence – a movement called “free-range parenting” is beginning to gain followers. However, opponents accuse … [Read more...]

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