Woman Released from Jail in Child Cruelty Case

Woman Arrested with Child Cruelty Charges for Disciplining Her Children Released from Jail a 30-year-old single mother of six was put in jail last Tuesday after admitting to hitting three of her sons with a cord after they stole from and vandalized a neighbor’s home. The woman is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and she was released from custody on … [Read more...]

“Free-Range” Parents Face Child Endangerment Charges Again

Famous Maryland “Free-Range” Parents Sign Safety Plan to Avoid Child Endangerment Charges The Maryland couple who faced threats from Child Protective Services in March this year recently faced further troubles with law enforcement and CPS, and could face child endangerment charges. Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, who became the face for the … [Read more...]

Man Charged with Drug Trafficking, Child Endangerment

Man Pulled Over for Traffic Violations, Arrested for Drug Trafficking While Child in Car A Florida man was arrested on drug trafficking charges and may face child endangerment charges after he was pulled over for traffic infractions, and officers found evidence of drugs in his vehicle. On March 12th, officers in Brooksville, FL pulled over Alfred … [Read more...]

VIDEO: “Free-Range Parents” Accused of Child Endangerment

Maryland Parents with “Free Range” Philosophy Charged with Child Endangerment and Neglect As more parents speak out against “helicopter” parenting – in which parents are overbearing and overschedule their children without teaching them independence – a movement called “free-range parenting” is beginning to gain followers. However, opponents accuse … [Read more...]

Lexington Elementary School Teacher Faces DUI Charges

Elementary School Teacher Faces DUI Charges, Child Endangerment Charges A teacher from Red Bank Elementary School in Lexington County, SC, has been arrested on DUI charges, as well as child endangerment. Jan Curtis was arrested around 7 AM on Monday, October 20th, driving to school with one of her students in her vehicle. According to the South … [Read more...]

Spartanburg Coach Charged with DUI and Child Endangerment

Spartanburg Coach Faces DUI and Child Endangerment Charges for Drunk Driving An assistant cross country coach at Spartanburg High School has been removed from her position after she was arrested and charged with DUI and child endangerment for driving students as she was under the influence. On Friday, September 26th, Dedra Kiser, 42, was driving a … [Read more...]

SC Men Charged with Felony DUI

Man Charged with Felony DUI After Pedestrian Struck and Killed State troopers have charged a Florence, SC man with child endangerment and felony DUI after he ran his truck off the road and hit a man mowing his lawn. Christopher Powell, 28, has been charged with felony driving under the influence after the pickup truck he was driving on Savannah … [Read more...]

After 4 Kids Climb Out of Car, South Carolina Man Arrested for Child Endangerment and Theft

Man Receives Child Endangerment and Possession of Stolen Property at Christmas Parade On Saturday evening, a man in Lancaster, SC was arrested after police saw him driving a car with a stolen license plate, and four children in the trunk. 33-year-old William Trey Benton has been charged with child endangerment and possession of stolen property, … [Read more...]

Couple Tried to Sell Baby at Walmart, Charged with Child Endangerment

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys A woman, charged with child endangerment and convicted of trying to sell her baby in a Walmart parking lot, has requested to be jailed instead of serve out the rest of her probation. Samanthba Tomansini appeared in front of a judge and requested to be locked up in fear that she would probably violate her … [Read more...]

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