Netflix to Face Class Action Lawsuit

Netflix to Face Class Action Suit US District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton has granted class action status to subscribers of Netflix Inc. Also included in the suit is Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and the case stems from the companies collusion and antitrust practices. The suit was originally filed in 2009 alleging that both Netflix and Walmart.com … [Read more...]

Couple Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Tattoo Kit Company

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tattoo Kit Company for Selling Contaminated Product Two people in Springfield, Missouri, have filed a class action lawsuit against a company that sells home tattoo kits because they both became infected with dirty ink in the kit. Jack Bradley, who is a professional tattoo artist, and Kristine Murray, filed the … [Read more...]

Match.com Sued in Class Action Over No-Cancel Contract

California Dater Files Class Action Over No-Cancel Contract Against Match.com Match.com, a dating website that has set the standard for online dating for many, faces a class action over no-cancel contract. The lawsuit was filed by a former user who says that the company violated state law by failing to inform customers about how to cancel the … [Read more...]

Class-Action Status Awarded to Defective Stucco Cases

Defective Stucco Lawsuit Preliminary class-action status has been granted by a judge in defective stucco case affecting homes in Sun City Hilton Head. Judge J. Michael Baxley, who issued the order, stated  that defective stucco work was done on as many as 4,000 homes in Hilton Head. Judge Baxley issued the order in hopes of preventing similar … [Read more...]

Class Action Filed Against Uber for $1 “Safe Ride” Fare

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Uber Misrepresented $1 “Safe Ride” Fare to Customers A class action lawsuit against Uber – one of the fastest-growing and most controversial technology companies in the United States this year – was filed in a federal court in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 23rd, claiming that the company misrepresented $1 “Safe … [Read more...]

Labor Violations Class Action Against NBCUniversal Settled

Former Interns Agree to Settle with NBCUniversal in Labor Violations Class Action Lawsuit A group of former interns for NBCUniversal have agreed to settle the labor violations class action lawsuit they brought against the company, claiming the production studio committed wage and labor violations by failing to pay them. NBCUniversal offered a … [Read more...]

Kansas Farmers Join Syngenta Lawsuit

More Farmers Join Lawsuit Against Syngenta for GMO Corn Losses Although China finally approved import of Syngenta’s GMO corn strain, called Viptera, more farmers are joining a class action lawsuit against the company. Most recently, three corn farmers in Kansas joined the lawsuit against Swiss-based Syngenta, which alleges that the company misled … [Read more...]

Wage Payment Class Action Filed by Minor League Baseball Players

Minor League Baseball Players File Wage Payment Class Action Lawsuit Minor league baseball players have gathered to file a class action lawsuit against their league leaders because they are the “working poor” of the sports world, claiming that they make less than minimum wage. The wage payment and labor violations lawsuit claims that minor league … [Read more...]

Concussion History: Andre Waters’ Suicide 2006

In 2006, Former Eagles and Cardinals safety Andre Waters committed suicide with a gunshot to the head and doctors found that his depression was a result of his history of concussions. Only 44, Waters' brain had degenerated to that of an old man. Examination Dr. Bennet Omalu at the University of Pittsburgh is a leading expert in forensic … [Read more...]

ADM Files Class Action for GMO MIR 162 Syngenta Corn Seed Lawsuit

Syngenta Class Action GMO MIR 162 Lawsuit Archer Daniels Midland Company filed a Syngenta corn seed lawsuit on Wednesday, November 19th, for negligence and false statements regarding whether or not major corn purchasers like China would accept a new gene in GMO corn. The class action corn seed lawsuit, which involves over 100 individual … [Read more...]

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