Cantaloupe Farmers Get Probation in Listeria Outbreak Case

Two Cantaloupe Farmers Pleaded Guilty to Listeria Outbreak, Sentenced to Probation Two cantaloupe farmers in Colorado have been sentenced to five years of probation and six months’ home detention on January 28th after pleading guilty last year to causing a listeria outbreak that killed several people. Brothers Eric and Ryan Jensen, who ran the … [Read more...]

Colorado May Become 28th State to Assist Exonerated Prisoners

Democratic representative Angela Williams has proposed a bill to assist exonerated prisoners in Colorado. Currently, Colorado has no support system for exonerated prisoners, although it does offer help for prisoners on parole. Rep. Williams said she was inspired by the recent case of Robert Dewey, who was exonerated in April. He was wrongfully … [Read more...]

Marijuana DUI Law in Colorado Raises Intoxication Questions

Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana Use, but Restrictive Marijuana DUI Laws Seriously Limit Consumption On January 1st, 2014, Colorado’s new marijuana legislation will go into effect, allowing stores to sell marijuana for recreational use. However, the state has put several restrictions on sales in place, including limiting customers to one … [Read more...]

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