Kids With Concussions Should Not Rest So Long

Study Finds That Long Rest After Concussion Not Good for Kids In a contradiction of findings in January last year, a new study finds that resting for a longer period after a concussion injury is actually not good for children. The new study recommends only one to two days of rest at home before children who suffered a concussion should return to … [Read more...]

NCAA Settles College Concussion Injury Lawsuit

NCAA Settles Lawsuit Over College Football Players’ Concussion Injuries On Tuesday, July 29th, the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) agreed to a preliminary settlement in a class action filed by college football players who suffered a serious concussion injury. The lawsuit aimed to bring wide-spread changes to how the football … [Read more...]

Stronger Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions

Study Shows Stronger, More High-Tech Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions in Sports Players Companies like POC Ventures, which developed the Guardian Cap, are working hard to produce high-quality helmets that will protect athletes, especially student athletes, from concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, a new study suggests that, regardless of … [Read more...]

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