9 Tips for Children Recovering from Concussion

Although most children recover quickly from concussions, they still require rest and care.  Parents and caregivers of children can help them get better by making sure they're taking an active role in the recovery. Some children recover fully in a few days and some take much longer, and how quickly they heal depends on a number of factors.  The … [Read more...]

NFL Motions to Dismiss Concussion Lawsuits

On Thursday, in a federal court in Philadelphia, the NFL filed a motion to dismiss 140 consolidated concussion lawsuits, representing more than 3,300 former players. The NFL wants the suits dismissed "on the basis that the claims are preempted by federal labor law," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement earlier this week. "The … [Read more...]

NFL and US Army Team Up for Concussion Care

Soldiers and football players have more in common than we think, and Commissioner Roger Goodell and General Raymond T. Odierno agree. The football commissioner and the Army Chief of Staff announced their cooperative initiative at the U.S. Military Academy on Thursday, August 30th. Both football players and soldiers face stressful situations that … [Read more...]

SMART Balance Master may help diagnose concussions

Diagnosing concussions can be tricky, but a new test from Thibodaux Regional Medical Center may help diagnose athletes more quickly and more conclusively.  NeuroCom's SMART Balance Master is way to measure an athlete's balance, providing feedback that is far more accurate than other concussions tests.  It measures balance and cognition by having … [Read more...]

Will concussions bankrupt the NFL?

Some 3,500 former NFL players are now involved in the ever-rising number of concussion related lawsuits against the league.  If the suit isn't dismissed, if the suit is lost, is it possible that the NFL could be facing enough in damages that it would actually go bankrupt?  There are certainly millions of dollars at stake... The Concussion … [Read more...]

Young children at risk from athletic concussions

Even young athletes can be at risk for athletic concussions -- if a child is playing sports, they are at risk.  Eight-year-old Cayden McCorkel played football in a youth league and, after a tackle, ended up with a concussion that went undiagnosed for hours.  When he complained of headaches and nausea, his mother got medical help. He missed a week … [Read more...]

Cheerleading bans the “double down” because of concussions

In an attempt to battle the high rates of concussions in cheerleading, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has just approved a new rule that will ban all high school cheerleaders from performing the "double down" starting this school year.  College cheerleading will still allow the move, but girls will have to wait … [Read more...]

NFL wants insurers to defend them against concussion lawsuit

The insurers of the NFL have refused to provide a defense against the concussion lawsuits being filed by thousands of former players.  The league has filed a civil suit against companies from insurance groups Chartis, Chubb, Fireman’s Fund, Travelers, Hartford, OneBeacon, Ace, Allstate, XL, Tranatlantic, Crum & Forster, and Alterra. In … [Read more...]

Ken Stabler Joins the NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Ken Stabler, former quarterback for the Raiders, has joined the NFL concussion lawsuits against the league for not properly informing about and caring for concussions during his career.  There are now over 3,200 players in some 125 lawsuits. The NFL is currently trying to get all of the suits dismissed, so the number of players won't matter … [Read more...]

Latest Concussion Litigation Comes from Soccer, Not Football

Brian Namoff, a former Major League Soccer Player, has filed a $12 million lawsuit against his former coach, Tom Soehn. On Sept. 9th, 2009, the former DC United defender collided with another player mid-game and suffered classic symptoms of a concussion. Despite dizziness and blurred vision, he finished the 90 minute game. That match ended up … [Read more...]

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