Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson Secures Win for Credit Card Holders Everywhere

In a move to help protect Americans from being forced into arbitration that they did not voluntarily agree to, Minnesota Attorney General, Lori Swanson, sued the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), the country’s largest administrator of consumer arbitrations, on July 14, 2009, for consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, and false advertising. The … [Read more...]

Match.com Sued in Class Action Over No-Cancel Contract

California Dater Files Class Action Over No-Cancel Contract Against Match.com Match.com, a dating website that has set the standard for online dating for many, faces a class action over no-cancel contract. The lawsuit was filed by a former user who says that the company violated state law by failing to inform customers about how to cancel the … [Read more...]

Class Action Filed Against Uber for $1 “Safe Ride” Fare

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Uber Misrepresented $1 “Safe Ride” Fare to Customers A class action lawsuit against Uber – one of the fastest-growing and most controversial technology companies in the United States this year – was filed in a federal court in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 23rd, claiming that the company misrepresented $1 “Safe … [Read more...]

More Plaintiffs Join Marijuana Edibles Class Action

More Plaintiffs Join Class Action for Unintended Marijuana Edibles at Fair In August, Denver hosted a marijuana fair, as Colorado is one of two states with legalized recreational marijuana use. Marijuana edibles manufacturer LivWell set up a tent in the “Pot Pavilion” at the Denver County Fair and offered some of the edible chocolate samples which … [Read more...]

Popular Dietary Supplement Contains Meth-Like Drug

Study Finds that Popular Dietary Supplement “Craze” Has Methamphetamine-Like Compounds Last summer, USA Today investigated concerns over a dietary supplement called Craze, after learning that undisclosed amphetamine-like compounds were showing up in lab tests. Now, a newly-released study confirms the concern, and shows that the … [Read more...]

FiveFingers Maker Settles Class Action for $3.75 Million

FiveFingers Manufacturer Settles Class Action Lawsuit for False Health Claims Customers who bought FiveFingers shoes from manufacturer Vibram filed a class action lawsuit against the popular shoe maker in 2012, because they had been misled over the health claims of the shoes. On Thursday, May 8th, the company agreed to settle the class … [Read more...]

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Maker for False Claims

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Manufacturer For False Claims Regarding Speech Therapy Drug The FTC has filed a lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois against a dietary supplement manufacturer that claimed its drugs can help children with serious speech disabilities learn to talk. NourishLife, LLC and its president Mark Nottoli are … [Read more...]

Potential Class Action Against Uber for Spam Texts

Uber Faces Possible Class Action Lawsuit for Bombarding Uber Users with Spam Texts Just in time for the New Year, a group of plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit against Uber, claiming that the company spammed their phones with unwanted text messages. The plaintiffs have requested class action status. The lawsuit was filed in a US District Court in … [Read more...]

FTC Settles Consumer Protection Suit Over Caffeine Weight Loss Pants

Two Companies Settle with FTC in Consumer Protection Cases Involving False Claims of Weight Loss with Caffeine Underwear The Federal Trade Commission was created in 1914 with the Federal Trade Commission Act to protect antitrust legislation, and ensure that consumers were protected from false advertising claims, and unfair and deceptive commercial … [Read more...]

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