Number of Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuits Increases

Hearing for Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuit Consolidation Scheduled for December Agrochemicals company Syngenta, makers of Viptera and other types of genetically-modified corn sold to US farmers, faces several GMO Corn Seed lawsuits that may soon be consolidated into one large class action. Syngenta so far faces 50 different lawsuits in 11 major … [Read more...]

South Carolina Corn Farmers Lawsuit Over GMO Corn

GMO Corn Leads to South Carolina Corn Farmers Lawsuit A federal class action lawsuit against Syngenta GMO corn alleges that the manufacturer recklessly and negligently brought genetically modified corn seeds to the market, allowing the modified gene to spread to other corn suppliers and causing them to lose up to a billion dollars in revenue when … [Read more...]

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit: Helping South Carolina Corn Farmers

Corn Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Lost Profits to Corn Farmers Corn Farmers in South Carolina and beyond work hours on end to protect their corn crops and ensure that the crop produced maintains its integrity for the end consumer. Corn farming in the US is big business. The United States produces more corn than anyone else in the world.  In fact, … [Read more...]

Kansas Farmers Join Syngenta Lawsuit

More Farmers Join Lawsuit Against Syngenta for GMO Corn Losses Although China finally approved import of Syngenta’s GMO corn strain, called Viptera, more farmers are joining a class action lawsuit against the company. Most recently, three corn farmers in Kansas joined the lawsuit against Swiss-based Syngenta, which alleges that the company misled … [Read more...]

China Approves Syngenta GMO Corn

Amidst Lawsuits and Financial Loss, China Finally Approves Syngenta GMO Corn As several farmers and grain handlers file lawsuits against Syngenta, one of the largest corn markets in the world – China – has finally approved Syngenta’s Viptera strain of GMO corn for consumption in the country. The Syngenta Corn GMO lawsuits allege that Syngenta … [Read more...]

Iowa Farmers Sue Syngenta

Group of Iowa Farmers Sue Syngenta for GMO Corn Losses A group of Iowa farmers and companies have filed a lawsuit against Syngenta for their Viptera strain of GMO corn, which cost many farmers and grain shipping companies in the US millions of dollars in revenue when the gene was not immediately approved for consumption in China. Although Chinese … [Read more...]

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