Baby Recliners Being Recalled by CPSC

After Retailer Recall in January, Baby Recliners Recalled by Government Late last year, four major retailers issued a voluntary recall for the Nap Nanny and Chill baby recliners. Now, federal regulators, and the former maker of Nap Nannies, have issued a recall for the baby recliners due to serious safety concerns and infant deaths. The recall … [Read more...]

Chinese Drywall Update: Tenenbaum Searches for Answers and Judge Fallon Orders Testing

Tenenbaum, who took over the Consumer Product Safety Commission in June, pledged to lawmakers from Louisiana and Florida earlier this week that the agency will vigorously pursue its Chinese Drywall Investigation, which homeowners say is corroding metal pipes and making them ill. Tenenbaum confirmed that an internal commission task force: made an … [Read more...]

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