Woman Charged with Battery for Throwing Cupcakes at Husband

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys The Chicago Tribune is reporting that over the weekend, 56-year-old Arturo Montesdeoca of Chicago got into a fight with his 60-year-old wife Dawn.  They started yelling at each other, then the domestic dispute escalated and became physical. Dawn grabbed a box of cupcakes and viciously started throwing … [Read more...]

FBI Warning Parents of New Cyber Crime

The FBI is alerting parents of a new crime being committed called “Sextortion”. “Sextortion” is described as an online tactic used by predators to obtain sexually explicit images from teens. The Sextortion tactic was discovered after a 15 year old female in Florida alerted authorities. In June of 2005 the young female logged on to her computer … [Read more...]

Charleston Police Dept Using Computer System to Predict Crimes

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers The Charleston Police Department has started using a pilot program in predictive policing, a strategy that uses computer software to analyze crime data and predict where crimes will likely happen next. Chief Gregory Mullen announced last month in the Charleston City Paper that the police department had … [Read more...]

Cocaine Sentencing Change on the Horizon

Attorney General Eric Holder has joined supporters in erasing the disparity in sentences for crack cocaine and cocaine crimes. During a legal discussion sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus he said: “One thing is very clear: We must review our federal cocaine sentencing policy.” On a more local note, on June 15, 2009, the Honorable Cameron … [Read more...]

Columbia, SC next city to use Predictive Policing?

Columbia, SC Lawyers Columbia may soon be home to a new crime prevention tool. PredPol, makers of a predictive policing program, pitched it to local authorities on Tuesday. The program is used to predict exactly when and where crime will occur. It can even tell the user what type of crime is about to be committed. Representatives from PredPol, … [Read more...]

Violent Crime Rate Down For 5th Straight Year Across the Nation

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers The United States is known as many things, one of those being the most violent and dangerous countries in the world.  However, according to a new report released by the FBI earlier this week, the U.S. has almost never been a safer place to live. The FBI stated in their report on June 18 that violent crime … [Read more...]

Warning: Bottle Bombs May Be As Close As Your Own Front Yard

Police are warning of a new threat that could even be found in your mailbox, driveway, or on the grass. Bottle bombs, or “works” bombs”, are being discovered in yards across the country. The bombs, which are composed of Draino and Tin Foil, are mixed together inside of soda bottle and appear like a dark soda. Unsuspecting people, including … [Read more...]

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