SC Woman Faces 60 Separate Animal Cruelty Charges

Easley Woman Running Animal Shelter Arrested and Charged with 60 Counts of Animal Cruelty A woman who runs an animal shelter in Easley, SC has been arrested and charged with 60 counts of animal cruelty, plus one count of possession of a controlled substance. Debra Sheridan runs the Golden S Rescue, and has been charged with animal cruelty before. … [Read more...]

SC Lawmakers Examine Changes to Expungement Laws

Lawmakers Hear Testimony from Both Sides Regarding Expungement Laws On Wednesday, August 27th, lawmakers in Columbia, SC listened to testimony regarding expanding expungement laws in the state, from both sides of the political divide. Both state House Reps and Senators are on the expungement study committee, and will create a report by October … [Read more...]

South Carolina man faces SC Criminal Law after attacking girlfriend, dog

A man arrested in Myrtle Beach, SC, faces SC Criminal Law for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. He is also accused of throwing her dog against a wall. Police arrested the man Sunday in Myrtle Beach. 23-year-old Randy Joseph Thompson was charged with criminal domestic violence, mistreatment of animals, and hindering arrest.  According to the … [Read more...]

Warrantless DUI Blood Tests Go to the Supreme Court

Warantless DUI Blood Tests In October 2012, at about 2 AM, Tyler McNeely was pulled over for speeding not DUI. The Missouri Highway patrolman, Mark Winder, saw some signs of intoxication in McNeely, and had him perform four DUI field sobriety tests. McNeely performed poorly, so the officer asked him to perform a breathalyzer, which McNeely … [Read more...]

Irish Cannoli Thief Avoids Conviction on Criminal Charges

Robert McTernan, a 25-year-old tourist from Ireland, admitted on Monday that there was sufficient evidence against him for the Boston Municipal Court jury to find him guilty of larceny. The man was arrested for stealing two ricotta cheese cannoli pastries, valued at $5, from Bova’s Bakery at 3 AM the previous Thursday. Allegedly, he had a large … [Read more...]

Sex Change Awarded to Inmate Based on 8th Amendment

A convicted Massachusetts murderer has been awarded a sex change due to his severe gender identity disorder. Additionally, he may be eligible to have legal fees paid for. Michelle Kosilek, born Robert, was convicted in 1990 for the murder of his wife Cheryl. The 63-year-old has been living in an all-male prison, but as a woman. He first sued … [Read more...]

Exonerated Man Finally Gets to Play Professional Football

26-year-old Brian Banks, who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned, has finally been exonerated, and will have his chance to play professional football. The former high school football star was destined for the pro leagues. He was an outstanding linebacker during his school football career. But, at age 16, he was accused of rape and … [Read more...]

Scientist Must Appear in Court for Exoneration Case

On Tuesday, September 18th, a judge in the Lake Waco murders case ordered a scientist to appear in court with DNA evidence. Anthony Melendez’s lawyer, Walter M. Reaves, Jr, thinks re-testing DNA evidence could exonerate his client. Anthony Melendez is the only surviving defendant of four accused from the 1982 case, in which three teenagers were … [Read more...]

North Carolina Expungement Law Allows Broader Policies

A bill signed into law in July allows former convicted felons in North Carolina to expunge their records. Expunging criminal records is important, because it helps those with criminal records, or even just charges against them, find work more easily. Teri Schultz, branch manager for Cape Fear Staffing, told FayObserver.com that her company has had … [Read more...]

In Wake of Anthony Rollins, Anchorage Police Dept Implements New Policies

Despite a reported $30 million budget deficit for the city of Anchorage, Alaska, the APD says it will make drastic changes outlined in an independent report to defend against another Anthony Rollins. Earlier this month, personal injury lawsuits against the municipality settled with Rollins’ victims for $5.5 million. Rollins was convicted last year … [Read more...]

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