Woman Released from Jail in Child Cruelty Case

Woman Arrested with Child Cruelty Charges for Disciplining Her Children Released from Jail a 30-year-old single mother of six was put in jail last Tuesday after admitting to hitting three of her sons with a cord after they stole from and vandalized a neighbor’s home. The woman is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and she was released from custody on … [Read more...]

Task Force Says New Domestic Violence Statute Enforced Unevenly

Vague Wording and Inconsistencies in South Carolina’s Changes to Domestic Violence Laws Leads to Confusion In August, Governor Nikki Haley heard from a task force of 130 people from 66 different law enforcement agencies about their efforts to handle domestic violence incidents with the new laws, which have been in place since June of this year. … [Read more...]

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Faces Criminal Charges for Murder of Girlfriend

Former WWE Wrestler Faces Criminal Charges in Cold Case Murder of Girlfriend in 1983 Former professional wrestler James “Superfly” Snuka has officially been arrested and criminally charged decades after he allegedly murdered his girlfriend through domestic violence. The 72-year-old retired entertainer was booked into Lehigh County Jail in … [Read more...]

Fiancé of Teen Mom 2 Star Charged with Domestic Abuse

Dad of Teen Mom 2 Star’s Child Charged with Domestic Abuse of Fiancée The fiancé of MTV’s hit “Teen Mom 2” was charged with domestic abuse and later released from a jail in South Carolina. Jenelle Evans, 22, is the star of the show. She has a son with fiancé Nathan Griffith, 27, who co-stars with her and her child. The pair currently live in … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Bill Will Move Forward with Gun Restrictions Intact

SC Judiciary Panel Votes to Move Forward with Domestic Violence Bill Including Gun Restrictions After last year’s national report on criminal domestic violence showed that South Carolina still ranked top in the nation for number of women killed in domestic violence situations, the state’s legislators have become serious about strengthening laws to … [Read more...]

Woman Arrested on Criminal Domestic Violence Charges after Choking Blanket Hog Boyfriend

SC Woman Choked Boyfriend for Hogging Blankets, Faces Criminal Domestic Violence Charges No one likes it when their partner steals the covers in the night, especially in the middle of winter. One woman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, took her anger a little too far – to the point of criminal domestic violence charges. Myrtle Beach Police were … [Read more...]

Ochocinco Charged with Criminal Domestic Violence

Another superstar is facing charges of criminal domestic violence, and this time it isn’t Chris Brown. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence after allegedly head butting his wife this past weekend. Johnson, who once went by the name “Ochocinco” in honor of the No. 85 jersey he wore while playing in the … [Read more...]

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