J&J Agrees to Pay More in DePuy Hip Lawsuit Settlements

Johnson & Johnson Agrees to $420 Million More for 2013 DePuy Hip Lawsuit Settlement In 2013, Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics settled hundreds of personal injury lawsuits for $2.5 billion, after numerous reports that the DePuy Hip ASR and Pinnacle all-metal hip implants failed before their alleged 5 year lifespan, … [Read more...]

All-Metal Hip Implants Will Receive Tougher Scrutiny from FDA

FDA Says Hip Implants Are Dangerous and Should Be Used with Caution All-metal hip implants have been the subject of thousands of consumer lawsuits in the past few years. Patients who have had the devices implanted complain of several complications after surgery, including metallosis, infection, and a high failure rate. The FDA and all-metal hip … [Read more...]

DePuy Orthopedics Motions to Dismiss Faulty Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson’s Subsidiary DePuy Files to Dismiss Lawsuit Before Scheduled Trial in January Loren Kransky is a Vietnam veteran – he served in the 1970’s – where he was exposed to Agent Orange. Since then, he has been diagnosed by the Veteran’s Administration with diabetes, neuropathy, arterioschlerosis, and heart problems. He even required … [Read more...]

Plaintiffs Aim to Depose J&J CEO in DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit   Eight former Johnson & Johnson executives are slated to testify in the DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit against DePuy Orthopedics ASR device. The DePuy ASR is a metal-on-metal hip replacement device. Originally, DePuy claimed the devices were safer and sturdier than other hip replacement devices, which are … [Read more...]

UK launches investigation into DePuy hip replacement devices

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom is investigating the safety of all-metal hip replacement devices like DePuy ASR. Reportedly, metal-on-metal devices have caused serious complications within a few years after surgery, including tissue degeneration, infection, joint stiffening and pain, and … [Read more...]

Plaintiffs in First DePuy Hip Replacement Settlement File to Strike Confidentiality

The first three plaintiffs fighting against faulty hip replacement devices manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy division supposedly settled last week for a lower amount than expected. Now, however, the plaintiffs are filing for a “Motion Striking Confidentiality from Settlement Agreement,” alleging that the defendants released information … [Read more...]

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits Schedule Bellwether Trials

The two multidistrict litigations against Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy all-metal hip replacement devices have both scheduled bellwether trials for next year. In a status conference on August 9th for MDL 2244, against DePuy Pinnacle hip replacements, Judge James Kinkeade established several deadlines for bellwether cases. A list of requested … [Read more...]

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