Drug Crimes In South Carolina – What to Know

Federal and State drug crime charges in South Carolina carry some of the stiffest penalties in the nation. If you are convicted of any drug crime, a second drug charge regardless of the charge, may result in mandatory prison time in both Federal and State Court.  Give us a call for a free consultation. We handle the following cases: … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Rules Drug-Sniffing Dogs at Traffic Stops Are Illegal

Drug Charges from Drug-Sniffing Dogs at Routine Traffic Stops Now Illegal Per Supreme Court On Tuesday, April 21st, the Supreme Court ruled that a police may not bring in drug-sniffing dogs during a routine traffic stop, even if the dog finds a controlled substance and the suspect receives drug charges. The ruling applied search and seizure law … [Read more...]

Religious Group Wants Medical Marijuana Edibles

Orthodox Jews Aim for Kosher Certification of Medical Marijuana Edibles in NY So far, 23 states have passed some form of medical marijuana legislation, and many dispensaries in those states offer non-smoking versions of marijuana, including edibles like brownies, cookies, and chocolate bars. Now, several companies who make medical marijuana … [Read more...]

Lexington County Continues Busting Meth Labs and Drug Crimes in January

Lexington County Law Enforcement Serious About Drug Crimes and Busts in the New Year The law enforcement officers in Lexington County, South Carolina began a serious campaign last fall to round up criminals for manufacturing and/or distributing methamphetamines. It is a new year, but officers are still serious about drug crimes, especially with … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant on Leave Because Husband Arrested on Drug Charges

    Man Arrested on Drug Charges for Selling Cocaine, Wife Put On Leave from Job at Sheriff’s Office A man from Lexington, SC has been arrested on drug charges for selling cocaine. Unfortunately, his wife works for the sheriff’s department as an administrative assistant. She has been put on leave with pay. Investigators say that … [Read more...]

Midlands Resident Arrested on Drug Charges for Garage Meth Lab

SC Man Faces Drug Charges for Manufacturing Meth in His Garage Midlands resident William David Langley faces three major drug charges, including manufacturing meth, after police found a meth lab in his garage. Authorities were called about suspicious activity in 42-year-old Langley’s house on Sunday, December 23rd. Officers received a search … [Read more...]

South Carolina Wildfire Starter Arrested for Drug Possession

Marc Anthony Torchi, who accidentally started a massive wildfire near Myrtle Beach, SC in 2009, has been released after being arrested for possession of marijuana and “bath salts.” Torchi was arrested on Monday and charged with the distribution of a Schedule I Narcotic, possession of a Schedule I Narcotic, simple possession of marijuana and … [Read more...]

Prescription Drug Overdose in Celebrities a Reflection of a Larger Epidemic

In the last several years, Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson have all passed away from overdoses on prescription medications. However, the loss of these celebrities is a reflection of a larger epidemic in the United States, reports the CDC. In fact, 15,000 people died in 2008 from overdosing on prescription … [Read more...]

Molly Is Not So Innocent

Is molly dangerous? Even at its purest form, MDMA, street name "molly," can be dangerous. MDMA may ship from as far away as Asia, Canada and even the Netherlands. Most molly users do not know the type of lab environment used in the production of molly. Many may not take the drug if they actually knew where production happened and what the … [Read more...]

Former SC Trooper Sentenced to 5 Years on Drug Charges

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers Former South Carolina state trooper Kurt Steffen admitted to transporting marijuana in his patrol vehicle and was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday. United States Attorney Bill Nettles said that Steffen, 30, of Summerville was charged and sentenced for manufacturing and possessing with intent to … [Read more...]

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