Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Being arrested for DUI does not mean that you are guilty, or that you do not have any rights. The Strom Law Firm DUI Defense Lawyers located in Columbia, South Carolina can help.

DUI Videotaping Required in South Carolina

DUI Videotaping Laws in South Carolina DUI laws  is South Carolina require a police officer to record all aspects of a DUI arrest and any testing whether onsite or in the police station. The taping must start as soon as the blue lights are turned on. Videotaping to Document a DUI Arrest The videotape must include the person pulled for DUI being … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Weekend DUI Safety Tips

DUI and Boating Under the Influence Tips for Memorial Day Weekend in South Carolina For most South Carolinians, this holiday weekend will be filled with parties, cookouts, and other celebrations with friends and family. However, it may likely be a weekend filled with DUI check points and DNR activity which may result in DUI or Boating Under the … [Read more...]

Four Local Restaurants/Bars Named in DUI Related Lawsuit

DUI Fatality Lands Several Columbia Bars and Restaurants in Hot Water A lawsuit was recently filed against four local Columbia restaurants and bars for allegedly over serving alcohol to a customer who later caused a DUI accident resulting in death. On the early morning of September 1st, 2015, a lady and three friends went “bar hopping” in the … [Read more...]

South Carolina DUI Consejos

Si usted ha sido detenido por conducir bajo la influencia (DUI). Hay muchas cosas que usted necesita saber: Si usted es detenido bajo la sospecha de manejar en estado de embriaguez, y si el oficial siente olor a bebidas alcohólicas, él o ella le preguntara si ha estado consumiendo bebidas alcohólicas. Usted NO TIENE que contestar ninguna … [Read more...]

DUI Charges Issued For Operating Motorized Wheelchair

Georgia Man Facing DUI Charges for Operating Motorized Wheelchair Under the Influence A Conyers, Georgia resident was recently charged with DUI for operating his motorized wheelchair while under the influence of alcohol. Georgia's DUI law applies to the operation of “any moving vehicle” while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Reportedly, … [Read more...]

Periscope User Arrested for DUI

Woman Arrested for DUI After Filming Herself Driving Drunk on Periscope App A woman in Florida was arrested over the weekend on DUI charges after several Periscope users saw her live-streaming herself driving drunk and reported her to the police. The Lakewood, Florida resident used her Periscope app to live-stream herself to users because she … [Read more...]

Uber Installs Breathlyzer Kiosks to Help Prevent DUI Arrests

Mobile Rideshare Company Uber Putting Up Breathlyzer Kiosks to Prevent DUIs Across the Country Seattle has become the latest home for Uber’s Breathalyzer kiosks, which have been making appearances in the US and Canada recently. The kiosks are part of an initiative from the ridesharing company, called “Uber Safe,” which aims to help those who have … [Read more...]

Marijuana Legalization Increases Driving While Impaired

Driving While Impaired on Marijuana is Difficult to Measure Too many people drive while intoxicated, particularly alcohol. Even a small amount of consumed alcohol can impair a driver enough that their reflexes slow down and the intoxicated driver can cause a crash. According to one survey, 79% of adults interviewed believe that alcohol-related … [Read more...]

DUI Charges Unearth Brain Tumor in Suspect

Woman Charged with DUI Actually Had Brain Tumor A Dallas-area woman with four children dropped her kids off at daycare one morning, then passed out and crashed. In too many scenarios, the office would be correct after arresting her on DUI charges – not in this case, the charges led to the discovery of a brain tumor. "It's an interesting way to … [Read more...]

Walking Dead Star Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, Speeding

Star of “Walking Dead” Arrested and Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, and Speeding in the Triple Digits The actor who plays tortured priest Father Gabriel Stokes on hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” was arrested in Peachtree City, Georgia on Sunday and charged with DUI, drug possession for marijuana, and speeding – the suspect was reportedly … [Read more...]

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