Tennis Star James Blake Arrested, Claims Excessive Force

NYPD Officer Who Mistook James Blake for Criminal Has History of Excessive Force Charges The New York City Police Commissioner, William Bratton, may have made a swift public apology for his force’s conduct toward tennis legend James Blake, but the tennis star still told the world that he was treated with excessive force, and now reports have shown … [Read more...]

Richland County Sheriff’s Department Featured on COPS

COPS TV Episode Featured Richland County Sheriff’s Department Catching Criminals The 28th season of COPS aired Saturday, September 12th, featuring the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. The episode, called “Chase Em Down,” prominently featured officers on duty, keeping Richland County safe. Sheriff Leon Lott says that the show has historically … [Read more...]

Baltimore Judge Pushes Forward with Police Brutality Charges in Freddie Gray’s Murder

Baltimore Judge Refuses to Try Officers Together, Will Try All 6 Police Brutality Charges Separately in Freddie Gray’s Murder Case All six police officers who face police brutality and murder charges for the death of Freddie Gray will stand trial on their charges separately, the judge in Baltimore bolding ruled on Thursday, September 3rd. The … [Read more...]

Body Camera Bill Passes Unanimously to Prevent Police Brutality

SC Legislators Unanimously Pass Body Camera Bill to Prevent Police Brutality After the horrible murder of Walter Scott was filmed and released to the press, South Carolina has been the focus of a huge police brutality scandal. North Charleston police officer Michael Slager was caught shooting Walter Scott, who was unarmed and running away, in the … [Read more...]

Officer Who Killed Man Had Previous Incidents of Police Brutality

Incidents of Police Brutality Shown to Lead Up to Slaying of Unarmed Suspect in Charleston More and more incidents of police brutality and excessive force are being filmed by suspects and bystanders and released to the internet. The most recent such incident involved North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, who, in the first week of April, … [Read more...]

Officer Fired for Excessive Force Incident Involving Female Inmate

Denver Police Officer Fired for Excessive Force Incident After Surveillance Video Leaked After surveillance video showed a 16-year veteran of the Denver police force placed his knee across a female inmate’s neck until she passed out, the officer was fired for “egregiously disproportionate” or excessive force. Former officer James Medina was … [Read more...]

Excessive Force Death in Washington State May Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Mexican Family Could File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Washington State Town for Excessive Force Death A Mexican immigrant working in the agricultural town of Pasco, Washington, was shot on February 10th after allegedly throwing rocks at police officers. The victim’s death has sparked two weeks of protests against police brutality and excessive … [Read more...]

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