Whistleblower Lawsuit Unsealed for Derco Aerospace

Derco Aerospace, Other Tech Companies, Face Whistleblower Lawsuit for Overbilling A new whistleblower lawsuit has been unsealed by the Department of Justice involving United Technologies Corp, and three of their units – one of which is Derco Aerospace – for overbilling the United States government for a Navy contract in 2006. The whistleblower, … [Read more...]

Tuomey Hospital Execs Resign, Possibly Due to False Claims Charges

Possible Settlement of False Claims Charges for Tuomey Hospital as Two Execs Resign On September 26th, Tuomey Healthcare System’s CEO Jay Cox, and Vice President/COO Gregg Martin, resigned. The move is seen as possibly part of a deal to settle the False Claims and Stark Law charges against the health care organization. The two executives … [Read more...]

Small Smiles Pays $24 Million to Resolve Fraud Allegations

Late last month, the Department of Justice announced the settlement of its claims against FORBA Holdings LLC, a dental management company which provides business management and administrative services to 69 dental clinics located nationwide, known as Small Smiles Dental Centers. Just as the name implies, the Small Smiles clinics provide dental … [Read more...]

State Farm Appeals Katrina Whistleblower Lawsuit

Hurricane Katrina Whistleblower Lawsuit Goes Back to Court with State Farm’s Appeal Insurance company State Farm was ordered earlier this year to pay $3 million in legal fees and damages for defrauding the federal government after a judge ruled in favor of two sisters who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the company. Now, State Farm will … [Read more...]

AstraZeneca Settles False Claims Act Allegations with DOJ

AstraZeneca Agrees to Pay $7.9 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Delaware-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has agreed to settle False Claims Act allegations with the federal government to the tune of $7.9 million. On Wednesday, February 11th, AstraZeneca agreed to the False Claims Act allegation settlement with the Department … [Read more...]

Two Co-Defendants in Armstrong Whistleblower Lawsuit Settle

Two of Lance Armstrong’s Co-Defendants in Whistleblower Lawsuit Agree to Settlement In 2010, a former teammate of Lance Armstrong’s filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the team, alleging that Armstrong defrauded the federal government by accepting funding through the United States Postal Service, and claiming that there was no doping occurring … [Read more...]

Med Supply Company CEO with “Wolf of Wall Street” Ties Faces Medicare Fraud Charges

“Wolf of Wall Street” Inspired Character, CEO of Medical Supply Company, Raided by FBI, Faces Medicare Fraud Charges On Wednesday, January 14th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and shut down a medical supply company in South Florida as part of a larger Medicare fraud investigation when the CEO was arrested on Medicare Fraud charges. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Hospital Found Guilty of Violating False Claims Act

Hospital Collects Millions in Medicare Claims, Jury Says They Violated the False Claims Act A federal grand jury in Columbia, SC ruled on Wednesday, May 8th, that the Tuomey Healthcare System violated the Stark Law and the False Claims Act, collecting more than $39.3 million in fraudulent Medicare claims. The Sumter-based hospital has been on … [Read more...]

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Maker for False Claims

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Manufacturer For False Claims Regarding Speech Therapy Drug The FTC has filed a lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois against a dietary supplement manufacturer that claimed its drugs can help children with serious speech disabilities learn to talk. NourishLife, LLC and its president Mark Nottoli are … [Read more...]

Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed Against Art Institute Parent Company

Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Art Institute’s Parent Company On Monday, June 9th, the federal Department of Justice, along with four states, filed a multibillion-dollar whistleblower lawsuit against the Education Management Corporation, the US’s second-largest for-profit college company that manages the Art Institute in … [Read more...]

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