Tuomey Hospital Execs Resign, Possibly Due to False Claims Charges

Possible Settlement of False Claims Charges for Tuomey Hospital as Two Execs Resign On September 26th, Tuomey Healthcare System’s CEO Jay Cox, and Vice President/COO Gregg Martin, resigned. The move is seen as possibly part of a deal to settle the False Claims and Stark Law charges against the health care organization. The two executives … [Read more...]

Endo Settles Lidoderm Marketing Lawsuit for $171.9 Million

Endo Pharmaceuticals Pays Settlement for Off-Label Marketing of Lidoderm Pain Patch Endo Health Solutions Inc and its subsidiary Endo Pharmaceuticals have agreed to pay $171.9 million to settle False Claims allegations for off-label marketing of their pain patch, Lidoderm. Endo Pharmaceuticals is also a subsidiary of American Medical Systems, and … [Read more...]

False Claims Lawsuit Filed Against Military Trucking Company

Major Trucking Company Defrauded US Government for Years, According to False Claims Lawsuit A new false claims lawsuit filed by the US Attorney’s Office in Columbia, SC alleges that a trucking company which carried belongings for military personnel defrauded the US government for years. Covan World-Wide Moving and its affiliate Coleman-American … [Read more...]

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Maker for False Claims

FTC Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against Supplement Manufacturer For False Claims Regarding Speech Therapy Drug The FTC has filed a lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois against a dietary supplement manufacturer that claimed its drugs can help children with serious speech disabilities learn to talk. NourishLife, LLC and its president Mark Nottoli are … [Read more...]

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