SC Tractor Trailer Driver Made False Statements About Reckless Homicide Charge

SC Trucker Made False Statements About Tractor Trailer Reckless Homicide Indictment After being indicted for false statements in September 2014, in January 2015, a former tractor trailer driver in South Carolina has pleaded guilty to the charges, which accuse him of illegally hiding his previous indictment on reckless homicide charges from his new … [Read more...]

Lies, Lies, Lies says Judge in Criminal Defense Case

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Rapper Flo-Rida has found himself in trouble with the law, again! In June of 2011, Flo-Rida was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. He was released on $2,000 bond and his license was suspended. A year later, Flo-Rider, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, is in trouble again. This time he is … [Read more...]

Former Union County Sheriff Howard Wells Indicted

United States Attorney, Walt Wilkins, announced today that a federal grand jury has issued four separate indictments related to the Union County Corruption probe naming five Union County residents, including public officials on charges ranging from public corruption to drug distribution. Those indicted include former Union County Sheriff Wesley … [Read more...]

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