FDA to Review “Free Speech” for Off-Label Drug Marketing

Off-Label Drug Marketing Argues “Free Speech,” FDA to Review Drug Safety Guidelines Off-label drug marketing has created huge controversies with major pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading to pharmaceutical lawsuits against drugs like migraine drug Topamax, or antipsychotic Risperdal. Doctors and patients who prescribed or used drugs for off-label … [Read more...]

Dangerous Device for Fibroid Surgery Could Increase Cancer Risk

FDA Investigates Potentially Dangerous Devices Used for Fibroid Surgery On July 11th, the Food and Drug Administration stated that they would create a panel to investigate the potential safety, and danger, of laparoscopic power morcellators (LPM’s), which have been called dangerous devices by patients who believe their fibroid surgery contributed … [Read more...]

FDA Investigates Spray-On Sunscreen Danger?

FDA Investigators are Unsure of Spray-On Sunscreen’s Safety Spray-on sunscreen is hugely popular with parents and kids, because they are easy and quick to apply. However, health officials are unsure if the sunscreens are completely safe, especially for young children. In 2011, the FDA announced that they would investigate the safety and … [Read more...]

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