Gynecologists Want Use of Power Morcellator Devices Despite Cancer Risk

Despite Possible Spread of Cancer, Gynecologists Urge FDA to Reconsider Stance on Power Morcellators In April of this year, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about power morcellators, which until very recently were widely used by gynecological surgeons to remove uterine fibroids (which can cause painful menstrual periods) or for … [Read more...]

FDA Strengthens Warning On Power Morcellator Surgeries

FDA Issues Stronger Warning Against Power Morcellator Cancer Problem, But No Recall After first issuing a warning against power morcellators, especially when used in uterine fibroid removal surgery, the FDA has strengthened its warning regarding the device’s potential to spread undetected cancer into other organs in a woman’s body.  Despite the … [Read more...]

Dangerous Device for Fibroid Surgery Could Increase Cancer Risk

FDA Investigates Potentially Dangerous Devices Used for Fibroid Surgery On July 11th, the Food and Drug Administration stated that they would create a panel to investigate the potential safety, and danger, of laparoscopic power morcellators (LPM’s), which have been called dangerous devices by patients who believe their fibroid surgery contributed … [Read more...]

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